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Confused about rejected request

I am really confused about why my request is being denied.

“Looking for simple single-line, black and white drawings of the following items that I can use for school worksheets for my class. 1) house 2) school 3) long log 4) frog 5) lily pad 6) donut”

In my original post I included 7) Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall. And so I assumed it was denied because it thinks that is a copywritten character (It is public domain…but not worth time to argue). So I removed it and reposted. Still not sure why the post is being rejected again as none of the items are copywrite. I have requested simple line drawing in the past without problem. I am literally looking for sketches of each item as they will be used as counters on a math page.

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Because no school, class or academic assignments are allowed on fiverr.
That’s why your request was denied


Ah. Their algorithm picked up the word class and didn’t realize that I am a teacher making worksheets for my job, aka. to use in a class with students. Thanks Mariashtelle1. It didn’t even occur to me the wording was the problem.


if you don’t mind my asking, did you search worksheets or lineart?

We don’t hear from very many buyers who use requests here on the forums, and I was wondering what the decision making process was for someone choosing BR over search.