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Confused about Requests

I just started a photoshop gig and suddenly I’m being inundated with people offering to do photoshop work for me on the Selling/Buyer Request page. Is this normal?

Unable to get can you please Elaborate??

Is the ‘Recent Buyer Requests’ page for requests aimed at me? If so, I’m being inundated with people trying to sell me their photoshop skills.

Could someone explain where new requests for work show up? Is it on the contacts page or the buyer request page?

No, it’s not aimed at you. It’s supposed to be a forum for potential buyers – in general, not your buyers – to post requests, so that sellers can send them bids.

It’s often misused by would-be sellers posting ads. It’s basically spam and should be ignored as such. There’s a “Remove Request” button to hide the spam, so that you can more easily examine the real buyer requests to see if there are any you can fulfill.

Don’t worry. If/when someone orders your gig, you’ll get a notification that’s hard to miss – it’s a pink balloon up towards the top of the page.