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Confused about rules with Buyer request


Hi Friends. I have little confusion with my proposal in reply of buyer request. Did i break any rules of fiverr with the buyer request?
Actually I wants to indicate some points. like… one of those that link. Most of the time I attach one or few links with my proposal, as my previous work or sample.Is that ok with the rules?
And another is: sometimes I said to buyer directly about my previews client info.Like… "I did before this kind of work, for an USA client. Who’s name was Jones."
Hope now, I did explained clearly.

Please see one of my request in attached img file for better understanding. Thank You!brequest


If you’re advertising your services in the buyer requests section, then yes, you’re breaking the rules.

Buyers’ requests are just that - requests by buyers looking for services, not for sellers to offer theirs.


Sorry, may be I can’t explain properly or may be you understood wrong. I mean my proposal to buyer from buyer request.


Ah - you’re replying to a buyer’s request? Thank you for editing your initial post to make it clearer for all of us.

Not sure what you want to know about your reply though - can you be more specific please with what you’re looking for, and I’m sure users will be more than happy to help you. :sunny:


That seems alright to me as a response to a buyer request. Why do you think that you may have broken the rules?


I suspect that there is something called word freelancer in the link.



@offlinehelpers is a sweet lady!


Edited again my post for better understanding.Thanks all.


Sorry! Did not noticed.