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Confused about the fiverr Gig image size

Hi guys…I have searched a lot about the exact size of fiverr gig image.But, I got different answers from different sources.And I have asked some persons about it.They also telling different formats.Will anyone tell the exact gig image size (in pixels)

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  • Upload photos in JPEG, JPG, PNG and ensure they’re at least 550 pixels width x 370 pixels height.
  • We suggest uploading them in landscape format to make better use of the space.

image max size maybe 4mb.


Thanks brother…

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Also don’t call people “brother”. Some get offended by things like that and it is unprofessional. :grin:

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Oh…sorry…I’m a newbie on fiverr.I know I have to improve myself while communicating with others…Thank you for your words.