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Confused about to change the category for new gig

Basically, I’m a WordPress developer and now I’m going to learn more about Graphic Designing because I already know about Graphics design almost 40 to 50%.
And Now I am confusing about the two things. And I need help with Seniors.

1: I am Level One Seller with WordPress 5 gigs. I want to create Graphic design gigs in my current account. But I’m worried that my account name is WpCodexo.
2: Secondly, I want to create a separate fresh account with the name of Graphics something.

So, please give me your suggestions. I’m confused about rank the gigs and new account.


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You are only allowed to have one Fiverr account within which you can offer different services.

If you create another separate account it will only be a matter of time before both accounts are banned.

Please ignore the post by the person above who has admitted to having accounts banned in another topic and it will only be a matter of time before his account is banned also.

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But problem is that my current account name showing wordpress and when I will bit on buyer requests for graphics then I think account name does not showing a right expression to buyer. So, what you say about that?

You are level one with 19 valuable reviews so you need to keep your existing account.

Don’t think the username is as important as you think.

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I am both a Buyer and Seller on Fiverr.

I have NEVER hired anyone here based on their user name.

I think one person I hired had a user name that went something like this: fred349876665096853427y

I hire people based on what I need and if their service matches what I’m looking for.

Your concern is about as silly as being worried that people who don’t like the colour green won’t hire you because you are wearing green in your profile photo.

Don’t get hung up on it.

Focus on your skills and what you bring to the table of value to a potential customer.


Bundle of thanks Sir for the great suggestions.

Now I am satisfied. Thanks to all supporters :slight_smile:

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I have planed to make ad and business videos, it’s not crazy to have as nickname “psykkopatte” as first impression…

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