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Confused about what should I do in the next

Hi friends. my client won’t gimme cPanel access and there is a Wordpress error due to a plugin conflict. the only way left is to fix it from cPanel. although my buyer is a top buyer it seems he is not co-operative at all. I kept asking for his help. unfortunately, he is online and not responding to me. I am running tight on my time. what should I do now? please can you tell me how can I escape from any negative impression? That is a very awful experience for sure! I will appreciate any advice and quick response. Thank you.

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I’m not sure we can help you. Have you already used the resolution center to request more time?

no. should I use it now?

If you’re running out of time, it can’t really hurt to at least file the request.

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what if buyer deny the request? what would be its context? can you share me please? really appreciate your feedback.