Confused and discouraged :(


Hello fellow fiverrs,

I’m new to this site. I think it’s awesome. However, I’m feeling a little perplexed. I’ve created 5 gigs over the past 3 or days. Although they are showing as ‘active’ and the stats clearly indicate that they are indeed searchable and available (all 5 of them), I still cannot locate them when doing a search.

For example, one of the key words in the title of one of my gigs is “HIMALAYAN” in caps. I’ve tried searching the word himalayan in both small and big caps and, although there is only a return of 4 hits (total) for that word, my gig is not one of them.

This seems to be the trend for all my gigs, no matter how, where and which key words I use. I’ve allowed for time (well over 24hrs) for mine to show up … but NOTHING. :((

Wtf?? can anyone explain what is happening to my ads? Can you try searching mine to see what you come up with??

Please help this frustrated Canadian gal…

thank you, merci!



Hey there

There seems to be a little issue with search at the minute, but all will be fixed soon enough :slight_smile:




Wayne and arnevb… thank you!!

Now that’s encouraging!


I thought i was the only one facing this problem.


your gigs*



Hi there @cashmere4ever i found you gigs but i had to search for "dog picture message"

maybe you should use key phrases more than words…

Hoe that works for you.




ok, well, it’s been over a week… and my gig is still not showing up in search… !!!


sorry, make that my 5 gigs! that I worked hard on!!


For what it’s worth, I’m still having the same problem.