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Confused and frustrated!

I’m confused. I posted the job and gave details and it was rejected because they said I was trying to promote my business. We did it with almost no details and it was rejected again and I have no idea why for either one of them there was no order number generated so I can’t send a ticket.

Not sure how to proceed


Sorry to hear that.

Did you post your job request in Buyer request section? If yes, can you show/paste your request here so we can see where the problem is? Some times its the wrong choice of words which trigger the system to disapprove your request.


I gave good detail in the first one and it was rejected because they said I was promoting my business.

The second i simply asked for 1 8.5 x 11 double sided business doc. It was rejected for lack of detail/misleading.

No ticket was generated so I couldn’t get a hold of customer service.

For the next I provided more detail and asked what I was doing wrong and it was rejected as being unclear/misleading.

For the last I provided great detail w/o specifics. It is pending.


You’ve asked for something which you want to resemble an ‘American birth certificate’ - could that be where your problem lies? :wink:


It may be but it’s just very loosely based and it’s nothing official looking

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