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Confused buyer - did I do this wrong? Seller wants extension


Hi all, first time buyer here and I’d like some feedback from sellers that have had to deal with Fiverr’s quirks, because from my quick look at the forums, it seems like there are many on the seller’s end of things.

I placed an order three days ago to have some CSS work done. I had spoken with the seller a few days prior to placing my order. In the message attached to the order I was very specific about what I wanted. So much so that I had to send two messages because I was over the character limit that I could send in one message. Lots of links so he would know what my team and I want, very descriptive, and so on. I tried my best to give him all of the information he would need, but told him to contact me if he had questions or concerns.

Well, no reply from the seller until hours before the project is due. I figured he was just busy with other projects, but he sent a rude message saying that I should have sent him a message because he doesn’t get notifications on orders unless he’s spoken with the client… we had spoken. He said he was away for three days, but I saw him online several times and his gig never left the search results. I thought there was a vacation mode that sellers could use for such instances.

He wanted screen shots of all the links I sent him, and he wanted them as fast as possible. He sent the message at 2AM my time, so needless to say he didn’t get the screen shots all that quickly. So I send him everything he asked for around 7AM (a few hours before the project is due), and now he’s asking for a four day extension. It was originally supposed to be a three day project. His reason for wanting an extension is that I didn’t provide him with enough information.

Am I being a bad buyer here? I feel like a four day extension is a bit much considering this was supposed to be a three day project. Does Fiverr really not give sellers notifications when an order is placed? That seems like very, very, very bad design.

Please tell me if I’m the one being a doofus here, I’m happy to admit when I’m wrong and would grant the seller an extension if this is a legitimate misunderstanding.


Its Not Your Fault… You Have Right To Cancel The Order … If YOu Dont Feel Comfortable With That Seller. Usually There Is a System Once You Place The Order. There Is A Deadline…

Now You Have Choice Either Cancel The Order Or Show Some Humanity And Give Extension That Seller A Person iS Always Bigger By His Acts …


From what you’re describing, it seems like the seller is being unreasonable. We do in fact get notifications when an order is placed, and just opening the order page itself should show you all the information that was submitted. It’s really not that hard.

I’m not much of a buyer on this platform, but I feel like this case is throwing up enough red flags that you might consider canceling.

Also, @designer2k18

Now You Have Choice Either Cancel The Order Or Show Some Humanity And Give Extension That Seller A Person iS Always Bigger By His Acts …

Fiverr isn’t about being charitable.


Thanks for the information, I thought it would be really strange to not get notifications when an order is placed. But I also didn’t want to assume anything considering I’ve never seen things from the seller’s end, and I’ve only barely seen things from the buyer’s end.

I’m definitely considering cancelling the order and walking away from Fiverr completely. This seller is the only person on Fiverr that has the type of skill set that I’m looking for (CSS for a specific platform) and he has a lot of positive reviews (500~) so I thought he would be a good bet. Looks like I may have been wrong!


Yeah, positive reviews can sometimes be misleading. People have different needs when it comes to a particular service, after all.

Either way, I hope you find what you’re looking for, whether you find it here or elsewhere :slight_smile:


Thank you, much appreciated! :smile:



Its Neutral phrase To Cool Down Both Parties And Just An Advise Not That Meaning Which You Are Getting…


I mean, you equated giving the seller more time with “showing some humanity”. That seems pretty morally black and white to me.

I’m just saying that if under these circumstances the buyer didn’t choose to grant an extension, that doesn’t imply that they “lack humanity”. They’re just frustrated by an unprofessional choice on the side of the seller and are making a justified choice to take their business elsewhere.



Its clear quoted my phrase Client has right to cancel the Order Now Its His Choice And Next is Just Advise Take positive meaning.


I don’t know what “take positive meaning” means, but injecting big words like “humanity” into the day-to-day operations of Fiverr seemed a bit much. Even as a casual online writer who is by no means professional, it bothers me when people use words without regard for their context.

Besides, buyers don’t need moralizing advice.


You should not walk away from Fiverr. There are some other great sellers on here. If you are not happy with your seller then you can cancel the order as seller failed to deliver the order in time. I read somewhere in this forum that some seller sometimes does not get a notification when the buyer places an order. It is kind of bug. So, your seller might be right! However, I did not hear from the buyer side story so I am not going to say anything like @somaginer1996 said

However, If your seller were rude to you then he did wrong and Fiverr always encourage a seller to be nice to the buyer. Even, many sellers think that Fiverr always empower buyer over the seller. So, you can understand.

You should not judge a platform base on one seller. Try another seller with good reviews and rating.


No, your seller is incompetent. I’m sorry your first experience was like this. There are lots of good sellers here. Cancel and don’t feel bad about it at all.



just side-tracking here. You mentioned the project is for CSS for a specific platform.

Really curious what that could be . I assumed CSS would be the same on any platform (unless its a pre-processer like Less or Saas)

Love learning new things :slight_smile:

But back to the main issue. yes he sounds a bit arrogant. and sellers do get notifications .


This buyer didn’t suggest they were disappointed with Fiverr. The only reason they were going to walk away was because

This seller is the only person on Fiverr that has the type of skill set that I’m looking for (CSS for a specific platform) and he has a lot of positive reviews (500~) so I thought he would be a good bet.

Honestly, it’s up to individuals whether they want to stay on Fiverr or not. We can’t control their decisions.


I am not going to argue with you as everyone have a different opinion. But I did not try to control anyone! All I express my opinion like you did!


I wasn’t arguing with you, just expressing myself a little more clearly and explaining my point of view.

I’m not saying you tried to control anyone, just that their original response didn’t imply any ill will towards the platform. If someone can’t find the services they want here, they’re perfectly free to turn elsewhere :slight_smile:


@somaginer1996 has it right. It’s not that I’m disappointed with Fiverr, it’s just that the project that I need help with has only one gig that’s related to it. That’s not Fiverr’s fault. With that said, I can’t imagine needing to use Fiverr outside of this one project so there’s not much reason to stick around if I can’t find what I need.

What I need is a CSS written for a subreddit, @mymaha786. I don’t actually know how they differ, but I have all of my team members saying that Reddit handles CSS a bit differently, and that needs to be taken into account. I originally posted a buyer’s request several days before placing my order and had tons of sellers contact me but most of them had no idea what Reddit was and they spoke very little English so it was difficult to explain exactly what we needed. I wasn’t confident that I was going to get the product that I wanted with any of them, so I went with the one person that advertises CSS for Reddit. If you happen to know anyone that can help out, send me their way!


Thank you thats interesting.


I just did a search on the main Fiverr page for CSS Reddit and lots of gigs popped up. Some had only a few reviews, but one had 297 5 star reviews for his gig. There were no negative reviews. If you use the search bar instead of Buyer’s Request you may have better luck. It is best to message the seller first to see if you can communicate well with them and if they are not booked up.


I did use the search, and yes, if you search “Reddit” there’s two pages of results, but only one of those gigs is what I actually need. The rest aren’t relevant to the work I am looking to have done. I did message the seller first, several days before placing my order. He did not mention anything about being booked up or away on vacation so I assumed it was safe to place an order.