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Confused by buyer

I am so confused. I did a voice over for someone in another country that wanted a clear American speaker. I sent them back the audio a couple of days ago. Right before Fiverr automatically completed it, the buyer comes back that the audio is too low and not clear. I’ve re-listened to it a few times and can’t understand the problem, as it’s crystal clear and the volume is perfect, as well. Not too loud, not too quiet. I’m waiting for a response back, but I’m just confused as I don’t see an issue with the audio quality on my end, and if I redo it, it will sound exactly the same…

Anyone else ever run into a similar issue?


That’s weird. Maybe send it back as is and tell them you tweaked it to their satisfaction? See what happens.

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Maybe his audio settings are too low/too low for whatever program he is using (maybe politely ask him about his audio settings). Maybe increase the volume on the audio file a bit. You could show him the waveform to show him it’s in the correct range in the re-delivery.

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Yeah, I’ll try increasing the volume on the file, see if that helps him any. I thought about asking him if his volume is up all the way, lol, but I thought that might sound condescending. :slight_smile:

Don’t rule out that he may be trying to scam you. Intersting that he claims a volume problem and a clarity problem. They usually lay it on too thick when arguing about these things. I would screenshot the VU meter at 0 db and send back, also point him to the part of TOS that says no refunds if you gave him what is described in the gig. I smell a rat.


You’re right it could possibly a scam and I agree a screenshot would help to show to the buyer it’s correct (and a screenshot of the waveform like I suggested). I also wondered if a filter on the microphone might increase clarity.

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I’d love to hear the file.

Maybe your definitions of “crystal clear” and “perfect” are just different from his?

I’ve come across several times with this kind of conflict. The order gets completed and than client says thats not okay and needs modifications. Clearly, I don’t mind at all as I always tell my clients to ask me anything even after order is completed. But sometimes clients just leave the conversation in the middle of the conversation. I send them the modified work and no replies are received from them. Sometimes I feel, they didn’t like this too or they are in hurry, or they got some new artist for it. So either ways, you’ve already completed your duty. Now evenif they reply after a month, you’re always there. Simple as that :slight_smile:
In your case, if you think your product is perfect. You don’t need to bother much. That’s fine.
Good luck.
Cheers :slight_smile:

The audio on the file I delivered is the same volume and clarity as the samples on my gigs. I have messaged him back for clarification, but haven’t heard anything back. I’ll also send a screen shot of the waveform to show him, as well. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Well, I just resent the file after just enhancing it a bit and now the order is complete and I received a 5 star review, with no additional response from the buyer… weird. But I’ll take it! :slight_smile: Thanks again for everyone’s help. It’s nice to talk things over with others who have been there, done that. :slight_smile:


A big part of revision is psychological. I hate to admit this but back in the day when actual live radio still existed, it was common for the sales people to hand a piece of copy to one of the DJ’s who would routinely go and record the new spot for “Joe’s plumbing” or such…They did lots of these every day, so there were standards of volume for background music etc… Then (again this is in dark ages), the DJ would sometimes have to call the client and play the finished spot down a phone line for approval. Sometimes the client would say something like. "it’s ok, but the music needs to be a bit louder, or is too loud.

Standard operating procedure in that event was to place the tape (yes I said tape) cartridge on the desk and go have a smoke. Then return and call the client back, only to play the same exact tape, which then got approved, probably 90% of the time. Everyone won, the music level was correct, the client felt that they got special service and it entertained the hell out of us.



This is the same in hotels and restaurants. You can guarantee that the richer your clientele are, the more wine they will send back as corked. I once had 3 bottles of $40 South African red wine sent back from a table, all because someone was trying to show off their refined taste to some friends. In the end, I took over, took the first bottle they had sent back, pretended I was opening a new one, and everyone applauded at how different the taste was.

After that, I started using the same trick every day and cut our losses by literally thousands. The trick was to have a manager or supervisor take back the ‘replacement’ bottle so that people felt important. Of course, if I’d been rumbled, things could have gotten messy.


Bingo! I like it. 20 chars

But you get to drink the refused bottles yourself.

Back then, I was more into profit share. It would be nice, though, if I could reach back in time and grab a bottle.

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Great. Keep working… :slight_smile: