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Can someone please explain the rating by Fiverr. I am a level 2 seller. I respond to EVERYONE who contacts me (inbox and orders) got 5 stars and still Fiverr decides to lower my response rate from 100 yesterday to 93 today. A period in with i did 2 orders well within the time needed and in wich i received two 5 stars ratings.

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you’ll need to respond to new buyers within 24hrs you can sell a clock symbol if you visit your inbox and some new buyers have contacted you
you can check in how much time you have left to respond to buyer to maintain your response rate

I always respond within the hour. Got a message sound that alerts me the minute the message come in. Via mail or the Fiverr app. So that can not be the reason
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it is calculated on period of 60 days may be you’ve relplied late to some customers in duration of 60 days that can be a reason i know you’re saying you reply immediate to clients but i am just asking within period of 60 days do you remember anything

Yes, i was bumpd back to seller 1 ( 2 weeks holidays) re- instated as seller 2 just one week ago but i never forgot to respond in time.
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Luc donderdag, 22 februari 2018, 05:56a.m. +01:00 van shubhamdahale :


I have recently been in a similar situation.I have received messages that were reported as spam that I haven’t responded to.Now, although Fiverr rules clearly states that those messages are not considered when calculating stats it happened to drastically influence my stats around that time, my response rate dropped to 89% although I usually manage to keep them close to 100%.I waited for a while without change and it got me a bit worried so I have contacted CS and from my understanding it was related to a delay of the system, it should usually refresh automatically within reasonable time yet mine was manually refreshed. Normally it should refresh by it self, my opinion is to give it a day or two to refresh if you have recently received such messages and contact CS if that doesn’t work.

Thnx. I’ll wait and see
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Glad I am not the only one odd things happen to here in green-land.