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Confused. How should I reply to the buyer?

I completed everything that was asked and made a few revions as well. After everything was done, buyer sent me this mesaage

" Hi! These look great! Very pleased with the changes, thanks so much.
We need to review with a larger group and there may be additional changes but not for several days, possibly a week. How should we proceed? I see I need to approve within 3 days or it will automatically be approved…?

Should I click “No” until we’re certain all changes are complete?

Appreciate the advice and thanks again for all of your work on this! ".

I don’t think its even fair to ask. I have done the work and I just want to be paid. Simply he has three days. How should I reply to this in most humble way?

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I had a customer once who needed more time to look over her order with her coworkers. I had her contact customer service and ask for an extension to the order would not autocomplete. They gave her one and it did not affect my stats. :slightly_smiling_face:

You do not want to anger your client by not letting them have the extension or you could get a poor review. :wink: Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


If you think you did all the changes and buyer used all revisions you gave then you can simply tell them the same so that they can complete the order. For new changes you can ask them to place new order.

However, if you provide unlimited revision then its better to go for extension because it happened with me and its one of the bad thing about unlimitted revisions.

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