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Confused on one topic

Hello everyone…I am really confused on one point…last year i opened an account in fiverr …which was on graphics design…bt i couldn’t get any order…i was depressed…so i thought to change my sector…now i have disabled that account and opened a new one…which is on data entry…will there be any problem in future as i have disabled my previous account and opened a new one? If yes then please give me the solution… Thank you


I recommend you write to Customer Support and explain that you would like the old account to be deleted (not disabled) and to explain that you do not want two accounts. Identify for them the exact details of your old account with the login name.

If you did delete the old one and set up a new one, you won’t have a problem. But never run with two accounts even if one is dormant, as you will end up losing both accounts since that is against Fiverr Terms.