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CONFUSED....Trends and Scopes...!


Hi My forum family,

Hope you all are doing well.
Hmmm…Me? I’m really not doing good as classes have been started since morning…ugh…:weary:
Now, as you know in 7th semester I’ve to choose a subject for special courses,so I need your suggestions to which subject should I lead.I’m really confused.:confused:
I’ve choice of three subjects.

  1. Nuclear Physics

  2. Electronics

  3. Solid state Physics
    Additionally Nuclear lab course is compulsory.:tired_face:
    I didn’t google that which subject is best to select as I’ve plenty of genius and well aware people here so I’ve come to you.Guide me about trends and scopes.

Looking forward to hear from you.
Thanks :smiley:





Close your eyes, And ask to your mind, Which Subject you will love. Which Subject You want to read. feel Love to any subject

After that when You think, And feel Love any one of Subject , you can choose. And I can assure You will be Good to that subject .

If You love something and doing something from your mind , No one will stop you .

So, Just use your mind and feel love. It will help



I want to carry Electronics too, but need some valid reasons that why I’m selecting this subject? :smirk:.
And that’s a really really weird graphic Eeeeee :tired_face:


I think I read somewhere that your goal is to open a Boutique?

If what you are studying is not going to be utilized for earning in a profession, then you should just focus on either
a. Learning something you think would be valuable
b. Just take a course with the easiest work load.

Don’t study hard, study SMART!


@dijatul I really really don’t feel love for any subject .(I’m studying just because of Mama’s (:runner::high_heel:)


Yes it is.
But when I got admission in this hard stuff, I was not earning so I have had to, now skipping when I’m in 7th semester wouldn’t be a smart idea.:smirk:
Can you guide me about why should I choose Electronics,please?


In which subject are you really good and which one you enjoy most?


Sorry to hear that …


I’m good in all subjects.So I want to know which one has highest scope? I can choose that.


Are you going to make a career in that? What about that boutique?


That’s what I love.
But, I might be able to develop interest in Physics after M.Phil(Which I ll have to do). So shouldn’t I keep a best option for me in this field too? :wink:


I see. I am in completely different field so I cant say much… Wish you luck…


Aman, well if it’s mandatory to choose one, just weigh the pros and cons for each subject. You’ll come to a conclusion, go with what’s best for you. :wink: :tulip:


That’s what I couldn’t infer :weary:
Do you know you look just like a friend of mine. I’ll inbox you her photo.:four_leaf_clover:


Ooh a twin LOL, sure send me the pic. :smile:

@anjylina Too bad Genetic Science isn’t an option, cloning n stuff. :yum:


Akar bakkar bambe boo. That’s what I do whenever I feel confused.

Now, on a serious note, if you want to stay and work in Pakistan, then I would suggest you go for Electronics. However, if you want to move abroad after graduation, then you can choose between either the Nuclear or Solid-State Physics.


Electronics is the most practical and will provide the best basis for a wider range of other things in the future.


Go for Nuclear Physics if you’re already forced to learn it.

Considering you’re in College because of your mom, it will give her the highest level of bragging rights.

It definitely sounds much cooler at a Thanksgiving table than “electronics” (too masculine), don’t you think?

Go big or go home is what I’d do.

Nuclear Physics, then apply for apprenticeship at NASA.

You can open the boutique as a part - time job.


Electronics is definitely not masculine - I started teaching it in the late 80s to both boys and girls, and they enjoyed it equally.

Along with woodwork, metalwork, technical drawing (became graphic design) etc.

I’m female BTW.