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Confused with Analytics fluctuation. Need to be reviewed isn't it?

Hi Good Day every one.

I am pretty confused from some time due to unexpected fluctuations in my gig analytics. I suppose there are couple of issues that may need to addressed to calculate these analytics. I am not sure but this is what I have observed.

  • Response rate once get effected, it may not improve until get new messages from new buyers , even if keeps on responding new quires from old buyers. Some time during a specific did not get new buyers messaged however your old buyers keep on quring and even ordering new requirements but that does not improve the response rate

  • If seller get a fake or mistaken order and cancel it with mutual cancellation request that also effect the order completion rate even if its not seller’s fault and some time the either the order is fake or requirements are not related to sellers area of work at all that he have no choice but to ask cancellation.

  • If Buyer cancel order due to his personal reasons that also get effected seller directly in terms of ratting.

Are these observations correct or I am missing some thing or not understanding any process correctly. Your help or guidance would be highly appreciated.

Than you

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Yes - they’re all spot on! :sunny:

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