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Confused with commercial use option

I don t quiet understand this. My work field here is graphic design, and since moment i started working, I explain to every buyer what license is, and what can and can not be used commercial. Isn t this what all sellers all ready do? The point of selling design is to sell your design. If someone is eager to have a certain image on their book cover or something from internet, they have to buy it, or give you funds to buy it. I know I was talking about this with one buyer, she wanted an image i think it was from stock, so I went there on my account, and made a calculation for image use in commercial purpose and the amount was 960 euros. If any of use is using anything directly from internet (without certain editing, because certain editing, i don t wanna write now whole concept of images rights, give you a copyright over image edition) it is actually stealing. So my confusion here is, do other designers sell internet freebies?

And my suggestion is to make license agreements-for example: when you deliver design to your buyer, if you are using a clip arts or stock mages from internet to have something like check box where you give them a link from where is it downloaded, and if it is a free or they have to purchase it. Also, if it is your design, without any clip arts and images to be able check it in check box with saying something like: this is my design and I didn t use any of licensed graphics.

I often see people here doing 15-20 sales a day in book covers and never till now understood how. So, i figure that book cover can be done fast if you just download image and add a title. Makes me wonder why then I spend few hours on one cover always considering that same book cover has to have a right for commercial use.

I have been a book cover illustrator for 3o years. I painted large oil painting for the first 22 years then was forced to change to digital work. In the past 2 weeks I became aware that 12 of my book cover images were stolen by “designers” on this site and used illegally on self-published ebooks on Amazon, Kindle edition books. I was able to find out from one of Fivrr “designers” that he pulled the image off of PINTEREST.COM. He thought is was free to use because it did not have a copyright symbol on it. Anyone can tell that it obviously was a professionally illustrated piece that was commissioned by a major publisher in the US. These cover commissions cost the publisher $2500- $6000, with costumes, models, photographer, and illustrator fees. It takes weeks to create one of these covers. The artist owns the copyrights to every image. It is copyright infringement and subject to legal action if anyone uses them in any commercial way. Amazon immediately takes them off when II notify them of such an infringement. The ebook author who submits them claims ignorance and blames the foreign designer. Whoever submits stolen images to a commercial site is open to law suits. This is a huge problem for those involved. Please do not steal any images that are not for sell as stock. Just because an image is pinned on Pinterest it does not mean that it is free to use commercially.
In the US, a copyright symbol is not required to be on an image to prove copyright ownership. Please check the source of every image that is used.
-A frustrated illustrator

Thats actually horrible lilac…I really don t understand how people can call themselves designers with just downloading someones else work from internet and re-sizing it to fit required format… -.- I think fiverr should have some check ups on design field.