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Confused with Fiverr's high commission!

Hello, that is my whole complaint, it is not possible that from a first profit Fiverr takes 1/5 part, that is, 250$ sad dollars, the commission for using its platform is 50$ dollars, it seems abusive to me. When it should be the other way around, instead of taking over the new ones and doing good business, charge more commission when the profits are higher. We cannot be feeding the ogre gentlemen, what does that mean, if I bill 2,500 dollars tomorrow, Fiverr is going to take 500$ by the face? I do not know how all this works, but I can not upload more to my clients, because they are looking for another, I do not know better, but cheaper for sure.

Please Fiver, You need lower your abusive rates!

Yeah, unfortunately the commission is high (some people will defend it to my disbelief) and flat percentages have been shown to be destructive since the darn birth of man - but unfortunately Fiverr is also an independent business which needs to host servers, millions of accounts, assure safe code, and feed a high number of support and technical workers, so the cut is understandable in the end. It’s not something automated like Paypal which obviously charges less of a fee for their obviously simple, but still highly “resource-intensive” services.

In fiverr, It’s the platfrom that giving you the security the $$$ and the cleints and there have lots of Engineers and the marketer works for Fiverrs, There maintence and others salary need to provide and also others profits If we thinking about a own business, and the profit and the loss then What do you think and me, after calculation I think 20% is okay

If you find clients the outside of freelancer platfrom you wiill get clients and the possibility of loss of money 100%. I am working online from 2103 and have loss lots of money and working different platfrom. I think fiverr, upwork and the freelancer is the most marketplace and Fiver is the best one

I totally understand their rates.

If you get a gig on fiverr, the chances are you would not have found the same gig outisde of fiverr. Therefor you only have the gig because of fiverr, so why not have their 20%

Thank you for your kind response. I am clear that as soon as I collect my first gig, I will ask my client not to work here anymore (he works with Fiverr, and that was the reason that I registered on the platform, I am not a friend of this type of business) I don’t know If they also charge commission when paying him, I suppose so. I will close my account and take my client to work independently, if he wants, if not, it is not necessary for me either, I can understand that this platform costs a lot of money, and gives some security, but I do not know many sites that charge 20 % of commissions to all, for practically doing nothing more than having automated servers, believe me, not even with web traffic, they cost so much.

Also, paying those commissions requires careful attention at least from customer service, and I see people complaining that they have taken days to respond to them. I cannot afford to give away my money no matter how much platform we have behind. My clients are mine, I can’t find them through Fiverr. Also, sum, that I trust, my client pays, I deliver the work on time and quality. Fiverr does not add here, it subtracts.

The reason is that I cannot afford to lose money from my prices, I do not fall into the category, “I found a client here, less is nothing, I don’t mind paying the commission”. If I have to go up to save the gross profit, that is, 250-50 = 200 I will have to go up to 300 to keep my real profit. Make the client pay the commission, but outside of my territory. With what I am forced to be more expensive, result, customer leaves.

In addition, it is not a policy to charge everyone equally, even those who start, such high commissions, instead of doing them by experience or results, the more you have, the more you pay. That would retain customers and workers. And it would allow us to breathe. I understand that Fiverr wants to bite profit from minute zero. But look, he has thrown me out of the field.

If you find clients here, it is not my case, and I have used platforms like this for decades. I never find anything in them, nothing but scams and problems.
Maybe it’s worth it to you, of course I’m sorry, but no, I’ll give it some time, in case I manage to build customer loyalty, and it’s really worth it. But time tends to prove me right.