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Confused with orders

When I get an order where do I see it?
Buyers can contact me without ordering my gig?
I have been looking for fiverr support but had no luck and I’m really confused about how orders work.
I received a message from a person asking me questions and wanted to talk with me however I didn’t see any gig order at all. To be honest I don’t think the person who contacted me is really interested in my services, I actually believe this person to be some kind of troll.
If anyone can help me with this I would be very thankful since I’m new in here.


Go onto your profile then click dashboard that is where all your orders should be and yes buyers can send you a message before ordering, the person wants to talk to you before ordering, you should reply fast to them, its usually better if people message you before they buy to prevent any confusion or order cancellations.


Also, do not work for any buyer until you see they have booked a gig. There are many buyers who will try to get you to work for free by sending you work through your inbox.


Thank you for replying. I know about my dashboard but I was confused because I didn’t see any order placed and my doubt is if it appears right away; I reckon I’ve read that the payment is made after completion of the service (which is not a good thing though).
In this specific case the person takes hours to reply me and it seems it’s only interested in stalling or trolling… honestly, the person wants to connect with me 1st to check if my microphone is good???

I read here some people complaining about it :frowning_face: . Thank you.

That is weird! :scream: It is against Fiverr ToS to communicate like that without permission from CS. If you do not have such permission, I would not talk to him. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I see you have a gig where you “chat” with people. Is that in the form of typing or actually talking via a chat program, not on Fiverr? Make sure you have permission. It may be your picture of a pretty lady is enticing some weirdos!

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I’m sorry I’m confused :thinking: what or who is CS and I have the 2 options for the Gig, writing chat and voice talk. I don’t quite understand how does fiverr works in this situation, I don’t see any tool here where I can chat/talk with a buyer, so I set up a discord server… can you please explain to me how does this works? Honestly I have been looking around the site for more information or even a chat support system for doubts but couldn’t find it.

The buyer pays when they order and then you deliver.

Read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.
It is all explained in detail there.


CS is Customer Service. I agree with @lloydsolutions you really need to read ToS at the bottom of the main Fiverr page. We are not allowed to do live chats without their permission. CS must feel it is necessary for the completion of your gig to do so.

As I said earlier a profile picture of a pretty lady on a profile picture will often attract the wrong kind of buyer. :wink:


To be honest, the type of gig you’re offering is going to attract trolls rather than genuine buyers.

As has been said, you can’t use ■■■■■, chat etc. without permission from CS.

Added - I can’t even type s-k-y-p-e without it being blanked out! :wink:


I discoverd that too! That is why I said, “chat program.” :wink:


thank you and I’ve read but it’s not that detailed. I need more information that is not listed on the TS.

If you want to use some kind of live chat system you need to get permission from Customer Support.

Here is the link:


I do appreciate your help but I think I didn’t explain myself very well :sweat_smile:, I have read the Terms of service of course, I looked everywhere for a contact on fiverr in order to take my doubts and yes I found the support however it doesn’t give me a choice for placing a new ticket - a different subject- I have a question that doesn’t exist and the system doesn’t allow me to create a new one… I’m feeling a little bit frustrated because this is the 1st time I try to contact the support of the website and there’s no chat option available for it :thinking: this is not very helpful for new sellers.

Fiverr doesn’t have a live chat system for their Customer Support.

If you want to use a live chat system for your gig you need to get permission from Customer Support.

You have been given the link to Customer Support so I will leave it up to someone else if they have something more to add.

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oh, right I didn’t know I had to ask permission for using a live chat platform…:pensive: I will submit another ticket for this, thank you for you patience.

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Sometimes you need to ask twice because their default template answer says no.
However, in TOS it says if your service requires calls & chats then it’s OK.

I asked about it a while back and their first response was no. Then when I explained why I need it they said it’s OK. So keep in mind that you’re mostly dealing with front line agents answering tickets as quickly as possible. They don’t always take the time to understand the situation.

For example, you’re not allowed to use by default, but if you do a search on it then you’ll find hundreds of translation, training and relationship services offering just that. You’ll even find top rated sellers with thousands of orders for consultation gigs using 3rd party apps.

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I’m really frustrated you know, I already submitted 2 tickets to support but honestly I had to put my doubts in the wrong subject because I cannot create a new one :confused:, then I realise that I cannot use my discor server for talking with potential buyers since my services (Gig) is talk/chat :thinking:, how on earth do I chat then with my buyers?? Well anyway thank you for your reply, now I am more aware of what to do! :confounded: geez I didn’t think it would be this hard to work on fiverr.

I think is a good place for you to learn. Please check all the informations. I’ve done that before. My sales are good now. Currently $175 order running

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