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If a buyer does not do everything they need to do causing me to be late delivering it, why am I the one penalized?

I think what needs to be done is that the a basic form of what a seller needs as information must be filled out before a buyer can start the clock.

Yes I have had the same issue. Usually I deliver based upon what they have with a note saying I will revise upon provision of the need material. That lets me meet my agreement to deliver on time. They usually give me what I need right after I deliver, and then I redeliver. So far, so good.

Only had one case where there was not enough info provided to deliver a base video, luckily they came thru at the last minute and I still made delivery.

Reply to @artyemarie: That’s a fantastic idea!

I have had buyers before start the gig clock saying “I’ll send the information ASAP” then I don’t hear from them for days! Very unfair.

I suppose sellers could find a way to abuse it as well, i.e. not starting the clock even if the buyer provided all the information.

I know the feeling mate!

I will message constantly but if they do not respond I can’t do anything about it! If I don’t hear back I just deliver on time and beg them to request modifications to let me know what they need changed.

Some people still drop a low rating even if it was their fault. :frowning:

I just sent something about this very thing to “Suggestions and Feedback.” When additional information is required to even start a gig, it seems to make more sense that the seller should be the one to start the clock. Oftentimes sellers provide incomplete information or don’t follow instructions.

Try nudging the buyer when that happens before your time runs out to complete the gig.