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Confusing Seller


I recently had a seller order my gig. It was for a typography video up to 15 words (my basic package), he sent over a script of 27 words so I asked him kindly to upgrade to the next package which he did.

After the order was complete he sent over this review “Pretty much the best typography gig we ordered in a very long time. At first we were annoyed because the seller wanted an extra gig for extra amount of words…but it was SURE WORTH IT! Absolutely fantastic and extraordinary work! WE WILL BE BACK!”

So I thought sure, nice review. Confused as to why he would be annoyed whilst he was trying to rip me off basically.

He then TODAY ordered again, ordering the wrong package. 15 words basic package was ordered and he sent over close to 30 words. Again I kindly prompted him to upgrade though this time I was meet with a immediate response requesting to cancel the gig.

This completely contradicts his review and is so frustrating, I achieved level 2 today so I’m buzzing but it seems my cancellation rate is getting hammered by dodgy buyers.

Oh well, some people always want something for nothing and I will never understand them.


Have you highlighted in the gig description to contact you before ordering? I always hate when someone does it without contacting me but you could minimize cancellation by offering the seller to do work that can be included in the current package and they should upgrade if they want more.


I am going to review my gig’s although I feel they are pretty clear and having the buyers contactly firectly for almost every order negates the whole point in packages at all. I feel this buyer was just unwilling to part with his money. It seemed like the video was to promote a scam sex website so I’m not too disheartened about not doing it.

Thanks for the advice, would you say my gig is relatevily unclear for those who don’t speak english as their first language?


I think its pretty clear but…

This is I think wrong, packages are for differences in the services you offer or extensions of your services but if you get clients to contact you before ordering,this will make you filter out bad sellers,ones whom you don’t want and I always recommend it,infact I’ve seen other sellers here do the same. :slight_smile:


Do you mean buyers rather than sellers? :wink:

I’m afraid I don’t agree, but each t his own. :slightly_smiling_face:

If buyers contact me it usually means they haven’t read the description, watched the video, read the FAQ etc. and I point them straight back to the gig to get the info they require.


thanks sudais299 solid advice.

I have got to level 2 relatively early in my fiverr career so still learning and figuring out the best practises.

Thanks for this advice!


I’m always inclined to do this but I don’t want to seem rude.

I have no problem explaining what I can do for them it’s just when buyers intentionally order the underpriceed gig expecting more than what is stated and then getting upset when asked to upgrade.

There needs to be more protection of sellers on this site


Don’t get me wrong - I’m never rude! It’s just all the information really is in my gig description.

If they don’t pay for the upgraded package, only do the work that they’ve paid for?


if they order my package for up to 15 words and send over 30 words and I ask them to upgrade but they decline I cant really do this unfortunately


If they won’t pay for the upgrade then do the number of words they have paid for or cancel - you haven’t really got too many other options I’m afraid.


mmm exactly.

I’m on a 92% order completion rate right now solely down to imcompetent buyers. not once have I chosen not to do the work or even delivered late.
it’s frustrating.

Thanks for ackonowledging my rant though it must happen a lot on these forums :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome - rant away! :sunny:

Hope you can figure out a way around it in the future.


Yeah sorry I meant buyers. :slight_smile:

They do usually read descriptions but you have to understand that not everyone knows your fields and usually can’t understand what they actually want.I’ve had cases like these when the buyer has no idea what they want and reading the descriptions won’t help them so they should always contact you first incase they pay for the wrong gig or package.


If I go to the supermarket to buy something, I don’t need to ask the manager about every item I might consider buying - I read the labels and make up my own mind.

That’s how Fiverr’s supposed to be - an online freelancing version of a supermarket! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is definitely a major issue on the platform that needs to be fixed! I was at 100% completion a few days ago, and now dropped down to a 96% because a buyer “ordered by mistake”

WHY IS THIS MY FAULT?! Why are my analytics dropping because of buyer error!? That’s absolutely ridiculous!


I wonder if it might be better for everyone – buyers, sellers, and Fiverr – if the order process involved a quick seller-modifiable checklist. (If this function exists and I’ve missed it, forgive me.)

I’ve been wanting to add a series of questions/statement to my instructions to buyers when they’re ordering, to walk them through things they might not have considered fully before they order a VO:

“Have you entered an accurate word count?”
“Will this voiceover be used on radio or television? If yes, please select the broadcast buyout gig extra.”

And so on. I’m sure lots of you do this already.

It seems to me that it would be better if sellers could create those on the order form with checkboxes beside them, so that buyers can explicitly acknowledge that they’ve taken these factors into account before ordering. It might avoid some of the cases of misunderstanding, when buyers have legitimately not understood what’s involved. (Admittedly, it wouldn’t likely have prevented the one that prompted this thread…)

It wouldn’t have to be a long list, and perhaps the number of items available could be tied to seller level… up to a maximum of… five for top sellers?


I do something like that in the gig requirements part of my gig description. The buyer has to fill it out before they can book the gig.


Not for everything but remember a Dad buying Diapers would always need to ask in most cases.Same is the case of most buyers,they just can’t get the technical aspect of your gigs and need to ask.