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Confusion about anylicts

This is my gig analytics. I have confusion. My views are more then clicks. How it is possible? Can anybody tell me, how to increase my impressions and clicks?

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Hi, I also face the the same kind of thing.
I don’t know if I am right, as it has have been only 1 month since I have joined but I think View increases when someone clicks your gig but does not not have a Fiverr Account and Click increases when Fiverr Account holder clicks your gig.
I am not sure, but this is what I think.

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@adnanedi views means how much people watched your gig and the click means the quantity of clicks in your gig image.

Will my view and click increase if some on click on my gig from outside the fiverr. like social media?

Yes. It’s normal, I think this article may help you: