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Confusion about gig price

When i should change my gig price?
since i am a new seller in fiverr so that i am little confused because i heard that after publishing a gig it should not be changed. Please help me by giving actual information.

Don’t change anything until it’s justified.

Some friendly advice. I think you are looking at this the wrong way.

Spend some time researching what your competition is offering and what they are charging for their skills, experience and time. Once you understand what your competition is offering, then come up with a price for your own service (taking into account your skill level, experience and the time it will take to complete the average job).

Charge a fair price from the start. This way buyers will see that you’re serious, and that you understand the market. If you start off cheaply and then put your prices up in a few months times, you will find that most returning buyers will then look elsewhere.

There’s no right or wrong way. Those are just my thoughts. But it’s worked for me.

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There are many pricing strategies, you need learn marketing basics to understand what works good with you.

Thanks for your valuable advice.

Thanks for your advice.