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Confusion about milestone

hello guys,

so if I have got an order pending with 3 milestones. I complete the first milestone and get it approved, and now the 2nd milestone has started, but the buyer is asking for more than what was agreed. I did not know beforehand, it was only after working on the 1st milestone, that I realized that my price for milestone 2 was lot less, and the buyer is not willing to increase the price and I can not work on the 2nd milestone as a result.

so how do I get this resolved?
will I be able to get the milestone cancelled and order completed and get paid for the 1st milestone since I worked for it, and got it approved from the buyer?

what will be the procedure for this?



Milestone payments are like payment which is completed according to your work steps. As example If a client wants full branding of his/her brand then he/she can pay you via milestone, for logo design a milestone, for stationery design another milestone, for print materials another milestone and then the whole branding completed in 3 steps. The difference between fixed payment and milestone payment is fixed payment can be paid in one step but milestones payments are paid according to work steps.


yes sir, I know all that. I am just saying that I have got 1 milestone approved, but I do not want to continue with the further milestones. Can i get these upcoming milestone cancelled without losing the amount for the 1st milestone which as already been approved?

Check this out:

I read that article, but it does not clearly answer my question. So I was hoping senior members would be able to help me out here.

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There is a contact us button at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

From my experience, the buyer has to cancel individual milestones. One time I tried in the past, it cancelled the entire order. I ended up contacting Customer Service whenever I had a Milestone issue, and they solved it for me.

Hopefully, it all works out for you!