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Confusion about review system

3 Days ago one of my buyer has ordered a gig from me. Then I delivered the order within 2 hours. After delivering the gig, i was waiting for more than 20 hours and then I messaged him. But still no response from him. After 3 Days (today), I got a new notification that is my order was automatically marked as complete. But unfortunately, I was not reviewed because of his absence.
If the buyer comes back online, He will be able to review under this gig? Thanks in advance.

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yes there is a timed window, during which your buyer can still leave a review.

I think it’s a week AFTER the order was automatically marked as completed.

If someone knows the exact duration of said window, please do chime in. :slight_smile:

if your buyer come back wth in 4 days he or she is able to give you review and Rating other wise it will be locked and then noting happen :slight_smile:

Customers don’t have to give you reviews - many just won’t. I think around 60% of my buyers leave a review.

Oh and its 30 days for them to leave a review…

Thanks for your query.

Just be sure not to call anyone a biyatch or a whoreson. That goes down like a lead brick.

Hopefully if someone leaves that in my review I would get Bob in customer support.

Since there are a few varied answers in the thread, I can confirm at least what matches Fiverr’s “help” articles. @sue_mcl gave the matching answer. (Sue, you win!) Here is Fiverr’s help article that mentions the 30 day option:

what will happen with sellers if buyers not leave a review?

Oh, but thanks for your query.

Nothing different - all sellers should just keep doing good work and over time their reviews will build to reflect their good work :slight_smile:

I have tried requesting reviews (nicely) in my delivery message and I have tried not doing that and have pretty much the same percentage of reviews regardless, so sellers just have to accept that not every buyer will leave them a review and appreciate the ones who do.

yay, go me haha

Thanks :slight_smile:

Something similar happened to me a while ago. I had two individual buyers who were good with replying quickly. I delivered both orders, and never heard a word from either of them since. The orders were automatically marked as complete, and no review was left. Was it just a coincidence?

Yeah some either don’t know how, can’t be bothered, or simply won’t, unfortunately! :slight_smile:

Order mark as complete in 3 days after the delivery, be sure to add about feedback thing in the message while delivery

Yeah! I did it.

one of my friend faced same problem. the buyer came after a year and left a bad review saying he did not ordered this. that was tdelete all files except main.cotally mad, you should contact fiverr support for beter help.

He can review your work within 30 days. And worst part is any body can edit his review , suppose one of your buyer gave you 5 star and after few days he changed that to 1 how you will feel? That’s my experience