Confusion between Level 1 and Level 2 sellers among buyers


I have noticed a very faulty pattern.
The level of sales are more in LEVEL 1 than in Level 2.

The reason might be the new comers’ buyer perception that 1 is higher ranked number.

I request readers to address this situation in fiverr community and help me take necessary action to prevent this back-move that is hurting my sales and might yours as well.


Can you offer some proof for this please?



The reason behind is Fiverr boosts the gigs of UNRATED and LEVEL 1 sellers naturally.


This is not a faulty pattern.
If it works the way I think it does then it makes a lot of sense.
New and Level 1 sellers are unnaturally high in search results to give them a chance to get sales. By the time they have reached level 2 they should have some regular buyers so they will not appear as high - to let the newer and Lev 1 sellers take the search position they had previously.
If the lev 2 seller has done well, delivered on time, good reviews, high value sales etc then they are likely to replace some of the other lev 2 sellers in the results who have not performed as well. It is a battle, a competitive marketplace where you need to outperform your competitors and keep buyers coming back for more. I read a TRS post that said 80% of his business is repeat clients - that is the aim and that is how to make the most of the system. If you rely on getting new buyers all the time then you will suffer from decreased sales. After all, anyone can get sales if they are constantly on top of search results, those who provide a high quality service and keep regular clients are clearly more valuable to Fiverr.

This system is good because it gives a chance to new sellers who provide a good service to get sales and prove themselves. It is not perfect but it does seem to work.


I can show you my sales for last two months as a level 2 seller which is 0 , whereas my sales as Level One seller has been 4 on average.
Moreover , the most important thing, the traffic is also almost halved after I reached level 2.


But my gigs are one time buys, customers can not buy same stuff again. I sell ebooks. For me, level 2 has been more of a roadblock rather than a stepping stone.


Ohh, I did not knew that!


But to be able to compare, you’d need to find a level 1 seller who’s selling similar gigs to you.

On Fiverr, I’ve found that one month is never the same as the last, so comparisons are difficult to make, even for my own account. You’re in a situation like me (which I intend to remedy as quickly as I can), you’re selling a product once, with little chance of a repeat purchase. Although ebooks are a great source of information etc., once a buyer has it, they don’t need to buy it again. Are there any services you could offer which a buyer would need on a regular basis?

By the way, the explanations above are really good - and below! @miiila


There is no faulty pattern at work, like the others explained, but especially since jayblue talks about newcomer buyers, I think there is a bit of a point (we had a discussion on that already some time ago) - some buyers who see the seller level 1 badge with the 1 have the association No. 1, you know. Not everyone reads anything like the page explaining the levels and such, as we know. :wink:
It´s no bug, though. :slight_smile:


How can we remedy it @offlinehelpers?
One can start a course like system where the ebooks and their information is divided into 6-7 parts?


No, and some small changes could solve the problem, if we decide that it’s really necessary. For example, by changing the background colour of the badge with 1 to bronze, silver for 2 and gold for TRS or something.


I fear we may have to learn new things @jayblue555 - we’re both offering products rather than services.

Although I’ve done well on Fiverr, and have really enjoyed doing what I do, Fiverr thrives on repeat business - I read something today which reckoned that 80% of TRS orders were repeat business (please anybody correct me if I’m wrong).

We both have a good head start - we’re level 2, which still counts for something, so if we can find a service to offer, rather than a product, repeat business should be easier.

So, what service could you offer, rather than a product?


@miiila I am pretty creative ! I can give ten ideas regarding almost any business, but that again is a one time thing. Shit, I have to find a way to get these products out there!


Yes, maybe, from my side offlinehelper’s 80% may well be correct I guess. Not that I´m a TRS, but anyway, and I think we read on the forum often from people who say they only have orders from repeat customers.