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Congrats All.. Fiverr has blocked my inbox!


fiverr has blocked my inbox so i cant message anyone now nor i can reply…this is what fiverr can do!
after deletion of my cousins gig which was nominated for Top Rated Seller, they cancelled my 2 orders without anything asking me …though they both were rated 5 star from buyer.
fiverr is doing this because they got famous now!

Crossing Limits!
Fiverr buyers support!

For you, and for your cousin.

You can at least state that.


There must be a reason for it! Fiverr usually restricted those users who send or misuse texting service. For example, sending the mass text to other users for self-promotion.


Did you send spam messages to other users? That could be a reason for them restricting your messaging abilities.
Do your cousin and you share the same IP? That might be a reason for account restriction or suspension.
You and your cousin probably got mails from Fiverr about that, perhaps you can find the reason in there if it can’t have been any of those.

Try to find out what exactly you did from Customer Support and stop doing it, respectively appeal to them to lift the restriction. There’s nothing anyone on the forum here can do for you in that regard, only Customer Support can help you with that.


It is totally hurting news. But you should know the reason and try to fix it. Fiverr is arrogant to make this platform more reliable and stong. Ulimately make the sellers strong.


I don’t think the proper word is “arrogant”. The definition of arrogance is basically “offensive display of superiority”, and I don’t see that. You maybe wanted to say “firm”. :v:


my cousin was selling IFTTT services and fiverr for sure allows that.
still there are 100’s of gigs of IFTTT and they blocked their account. and stated nothing as reason.
haha what a joke… and now they have restricted my account and i cant reply to anyone now because someone has reported them…despite the fact he was wrong…but keep in notice he was a buyer!
as FIVERR loves BUYERS!!!


So it’s more people than your cousin? I’m not sure if a lot of people sharing one account is permitted. Maybe that’s it?


who said we are sharing one account? he is using his own laptop and his own account and i am using my own laptop and my own personal account.
yes maybe fiverr has problem cos we are living in a single house.


You said “their” and “them”. Who’s them? Your cousin is one person, yeah? That’s his, or him. :v:


sorry but i wasnt expecting someone here will check my grammer. :confused:


I’m not checking anyone’s grammar. And I’m not teaching anyone anything. I’m just asking because I really didn’t understand, simple as that! Anyways, good luck.


thanks for taking interest


i am not here for learning or anything i am just warning everyone dnt ever rely just on FIVERR!
they can do anything and cross any limit to keep their buyer happpy!


Sorry about what happened to you.
You don’t need to congratulate us! Because forum people have nothing to do with it, nor they can help you. (including me)

If your message is blocked, and Fiverr CS has done that, then there must be a valid reason. Contact Support and ask them what you did wrong. If you prove yourself innocent, then I’m pretty sure, they will unblock your messaging system.

Who said only Fiverr loves buyer? All sellers here also love buyers. Without buyers, there is no meaning to be a seller. And one thing is same for everyone! That’s Justice!


Fiverr automatically bans accounts that are selling under the same category, and use the same IP.


are you out of your bed the moment you were writing this? without buyers its useless?
and without sellers buyers should dance on the floor of FIVERR! yes i am asking for justice but no here its only for BUYERS! let me tell you an example… few days back i delivered someone a video and he liked it and gave me a 5 star feedback and was happy after few days dnt know what he got in his mind he came back asking for more revisions, for which i refused as the order was completed and everything was done few days back … he asked customer support which is now also called Fiverr Buyer support… they immediately refunded him… removed that feedback and lowered my gig positive rating… what you call this now?


same ip? so if two brothers are earning in a house? or dormitory? they should use different ips? or they should use vpn? its not the issue of IP my dear i am not here to tell you the ip issue i know that very well as i am here from 2011!


Please don’t call me dear.

Secondly, are you and “your cousin” selling the same types of gigs/under the same categories?

If so, there’s your answer right there.


sorry if you mind my word dear. as i should just use it for the one who is capable of it!
secondly yes i got their answer… and i am not here for you! i just posted this to inform those who are new here… you can continue your own…we arnt living in the same house i just explained his matter, dnt know why everyone here is like thinking with their belly?