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Congrats to everyone who got promoted up :) but getting promoted is easy!


Getting promoted on Fiverr is lot more easier than maintaining the LEVEL! You strive hard to get Level 1, 2 or TRS however after achieving goal one has to be even more consistent to maintain it after the introduction of new rules.

What are your thoughts? Is maintaining Level on Fiverr hard now?


Congratulation for achieving this goal


Nothing happen to me - getting nominate 4th time but nothing change… It’s like joke to me now.!! no more hope for upgrade of TRS either they should demote me :slight_smile:


Maintaining your level takes some effort and being smart about it.

It’s not hard for me but I do think about it and have made some changes to how I do things.

But I’ve never come even close to falling below the requirements anyway due to working hard every day.


You will get it soon :slight_smile: Don’t lose the hope :slight_smile:


I guess you have been working from quite long now and surely your being demoted will help you to know how to remain TRS :slight_smile: once you are again TRS you surely will not let it down as you now better know were was lacking


Right. If we follow these things surely we can retain our ranks.

Hard work is main key to success.


Why is it more difficult to keep the level than to get it? The requirements are the same.


Yes, requirements are same but I am talking about the people basically when new to Fiverr we work with more enthusiasm and everyone is eager to get the top Level. However, when days pass people start taking it lighty and don’t give that much hardwork.

I am not saying its for all many work hard continuesly that is why they are at top. So, just by that view I think we make it hard for ourselves.


Lol - I had never TRS.


To be honest I don’t even think about the levels anymore. For me it doesn’t matter if I’m L1 or L2.
I always delivery high quality work so why does it matter which badge I have :slight_smile:

I think the last evaluation was yesterday or something, I didn’t even care to check my stats. Why should I, it makes no difference for me :slight_smile:


Not necessarily.

The individual perspective is always a great thing.
It helps a lot to see the things from your point of view.


Oh sorry I got confused by name! With similar name fast somethinge he is a writer he was TRS. I got confused Sorry :slight_smile:


That is key but many here say LEVELS never matter but if they never had any value why would Fiverr Introduce that, Surely may be there is nothing to do with skills of a person but FIverr gives a Filter what Buyer wants. If you check TRS almost 90% got a lot of orders in queue so means people wait thinking he can deliver much better than others.