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Congrats to Fiverr Super Seller - Oldbittygrandma!


Jo, a.k.a Oldbittygrandma is out Latest Super Seller.

She has excellent communication with her buyers and shared her experiences and wisdom with us.

Read more about it here.

Congrats Jo!


wooops THERE IT IS!


Very exciting! Way to go!!!


Congrats Jo!!!


Wow thats awesome , Jo. I kinda knew you rocked when I saw your gigs today. Super stuff !


What’s a super seller again? 1 Million/month ??


It’s nothing in terms of “specific performance” it is an honorary designation by fiverr though some process that is unknown but seems to include buyers recommending you for the honor.


YEAHHHHHH JO, You so so deserve this honor and I am so HAPPY for you!!!


I’m a long time Fiverr user, but lacking have lacked in communication to the community. I read, but until this forum (And it’s ease of use) didn’t participate.

Anyhow. My point? Simple. From what I’ve seen so far @oldbittygrandma is very very… very deserving of this title.

So from little old me… Congrats! Hurrah and may the Fiverr force continue to shine upon you!


By specific performance I mean, there doesn’t seem to be a requirement to sell $5000 / month of gigs or the like.

Someone could sell twice or ten times as much as you or I and be very automated and not part of the solution … and they won’t be a SuperSeller.


Very well deserved, Jo has done a couple gigs for me - all of course awesome, excellent and creative!! Love Jo’s work! Congrats!!


Super Congratulations Jo! You are awesome not only a super seller but a delight to work with a super person to say the least.


Yayayayayayayayay!!! Congrats!!!


well done!


Got only one word to say " AWESOME"…


Congrats Jo… The first woman Super Sellers on Fiverr, you are Awesome ! its time to party :slight_smile:


Reply to oldbittygrandma: I would love to do an interview with you, tell me the time and place, I will be there


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I’ll send you a private message on Fiverr. And try to make it super simple.


Reply to @ewiskan: Just look at the elections this year in the US. It’s LADY TIME!


OLDBITTYGRANDMA: Sounds awesome, count me in! Were you thinking Skype? Then adding in samples, completed work, etc?