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Congrats to Our Talented Comic Book Artists!


Nice work, Alyssaerin and Elumier!


Isn’t promotional content (i.e. advertorials) verboten in the forums except in My Fiverr Gigs?

Naughty admin :wink:


For clarification, it’s self-promotion that isn’t allowed in Conversations. Since @reddhorrocks isn’t promoting her own work here, the post wouldn’t be against the forum rules. It also helps that it’s not an actual link to buy. Naughty Emmaki! :stuck_out_tongue:


What if I promoted someone’s gigs and then they promoted mine in a tit-for-tat rule-bending mission?

Theoretically, of course–my cunning plans are a bit more cunning than that. I like to think. I concede defeat on your other points.




Congrats !!!