Congrats! your 5$ are waiting to be spent .. How to use?


congrats! your 5$ are waiting to be spent … How to use ?


If it is in your Fiverr account as credit, you can start an order for any gig that costs $5. No processing fee is added when you have Fiverr credit, so when you order it will not ask you to pay via PayPal or other methods.

If you want to buy a gig that costs more than $5, you can’t use the credit the same way. You would have to have the seller give you a custom order for the first $5 and go ahead and purchase that with the credit. Then they can make you a quote for the rest and you can pay the remainder from any other funding source you have.


I did exactly that. Ordered a $5 gig but my paypal got charged despite having a $5 credit received because I purchased over $25 in gigs