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Hope you all well.! but crona is hitting all the countries, people working on google, upwork and many other platforms are still having that same kind of support within 24 hours response or even live chats, then why the fiverr don’t? is it normal? aren’t we paying still the same fees? or the buyers not coming here anymore? i think everyting is same then why the support takes 10 15 20 even i saw 30 days to respond to one single query. if we got any order issue, fiverr needs more then 15 days to respond then what we do there? fiverr took more then 17 days to respond to my gig review to publish, everything is going like this but why anyone can tell me what’s the reason if all other platforms can provide and we choose fiverr and why they can’t? they were good before but what happens now? can’t we protest anywhere to ask from them or can’t we raise this voice? everyone is suffering but no one’s asking anyone…


Given the vast increase in new / desperate sellers in recent months, I suspect that Fiverr customer support has been swamped by enquiries that only a newbie would ask, or problems caused by newbies not understanding the terms of service, etc.

Also, you have to bear in mind that Fiverr customer support is based in Israel - a country that is enduring some of the worst repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic. Like many corporate workplaces around the world, it is probably operating with reduced staff.

The two reasons combine to make it a difficult time for people seeking help from customer support. I’m not defending them, but I do think we have remember that we are in a very different world compared to this time last year.

Also, even if Fiverr could train additional support staff, I suspect that within the next year or so we will see many of the new Fiverr sellers drift away, having not proved successful (simply because the marketplace is now so oversubscribed with sellers) - and that hopefully the world will start to return to normal. In other words, it will be costly to recruit and train new support staff for what might be a very temporary need.


I was actually surprised to see that my query was replied by them in just 1 (one) day even when I was asking a query as a seller. If you haven’t been hearing from them, perhaps it’s because:

1.) Your case is just more complicated to resolve and they need to check with their boss or other department for assistance

2.) This is just a speculation so don’t take it personally, but perhaps you write your query in any or all of these fashion:

  • overly emotional
  • beating around the bush/too long-winded
  • in a not-so-fluent English

You have to remember that Customer Service staff are humans too, and they will prioritize answering a query that is easy, clear, to-the-point, and from people who don’t treat them like slaves.