Congratulations:) just visit and get this:)


I Will Create The Best LOGO


thanks danmadridart to like my post,


Your link is invalid. It should be a link someone can click to view your gig, not one only you can click to edit your gig.




helo uk 100 . please check it now and please tell me


Yes the link works now. It’s going to your Fiverr profile page. Normally I think people put a link to a gig page in this section though.


wait i will again modifi it:):):):):slight_smile:


Try changing it to
ie. without the “manage_gigs” in it.


how please send me in written form please


THANKS I GOT IT MUCH MUCH THANKS I am doing it now :):slight_smile:


Change the link in the original post from

edit: don’t put the “manage_gigs” part in the links. Use the links without that like above.


check that no wand very very thanfull to you :):slight_smile: