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Congratulations to ALL of you! ~Newbie here~

Hi all, sending my admiration to all of you! To my FFF (fellow-Fiverr-friends)! :wink:
Because as a newbie I experienced what it takes to actually offer a gig on this platform. Fiverr is an ART on its own, so congrats for entering the gates!

To be honest with you, it took me some effort to get here. Now, my 2nd gig-proposal is through and I passed my writing test…I am good to go!
I am a therapist living in Denmark & Spain and I like sunny days and nature. Easy-going, down-to-earth yet high-spirited.

Sending you good vibes and success! :sunny:


Hello and welcome to Fiverr. You’ve got a great attitude, and you have put a smile on my face today! I hope you will soon find that all of the hard work you put into getting on to Fiverr was energy well spent. I wish you well and trust that you will either have great success here soon or have sufficient patience to remain positive until you do reach you goals. Cheers!

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Welcome to the forum. Wish you good luck.

Welcome to forum brother:)

I am new here ,

My name is Kushal, I’m from India. I’m Experience in SEO, ORM (Online Reputation Management)


Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Best wishes… :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum.

Congrats on your new journey on Fiverr! You have an awesome genuine presence and I’m sure it will take you far. May I suggest for your “self isolation” gig that you try changing up the keyword to covid 19. You can always test it out with other keywords too if you are not receiving a response.

Be sure to share your gigs on your social channels, your email list and/or clients you have worked with in the past. It takes a bit of patience to grow here on Fiverr but in the meantime try to consume as much information on Fiverr’s blogs and podcast, as well as the forum.

Wishing you the best!

Wish you good luck! :heart_eyes:

Welcome and good luck!

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Thank u so much …
God bless u

Good luck…