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Congratulations to all the family members of Fiverr!


My name is almamuna895. I am new to fiverr And in the meantime it became a popular site for me. It’s really amazing that it creates the interaction between buyers and sellers.
I congratulate everyone on the family of Fiverr !!!


Welcome to Fiverr (although, you are NOT new – you’ve been on Fiverr since June).

Now, that I’ve welcomed you, please change your profile pic. You are not the Caucasian woman in that photo – you have stolen that photo from the internet. Use a photo or logo that represents you. What you are doing right now – with that pic – is committing fraud, by trying to convince people that you are an attractive female model, in the hopes that earns you more sales.

Fraud is illegal.


I m so sorry,
Thanks for your suggestions.


See, there you go. I knew you were a guy. :wink:

And don’t call me, “dear”. I find it to extremely creepy for a strange guy to be calling me “dear” with such affection.


right :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: