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Congratulations to Cy and Eoin

Our new moderators! Eoin was an obvious choice, but making Cy a moderator was an inspired move. Very smart decision.

Congratulations Eoin and Andy

Cor, look at you two sucking up to the new mods!

I didn’t realize it was a big issue, to be honest. I must admit that I find the big blue MOD button a bit disconcerting, though. I’m not very authoritative really, not unless I’m in a battle of wits over a pitcher of beer. That’s when you would need to worry.

Alas, Imgur isn’t working for me today. This should be Cartman doing his AUTHORITAH stuff.

Thanks all.

I’m not sure whether it is better to be obvious or inspirational though?

You should be taking notes…


As you wish

Why not both? After a long day of helping little old ladies cross the road and saving kittens from branches, you could bring the swift truncheon of justice down on perps. Think of it as a balanced diet, or something.

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I’d rather be obvious. Do you want a house in the woods or an inspirational property in an amazing area? With the first you get a house in the woods. With the second on the other hand, you’d probably get a tin shed on Iona.

New Moderators… yippy :slight_smile:
say hi to @fonthaunt for me.

Out of pure curiousity, did you guys offer or were you just chosen to be part of
The Squad? :smiley:

Neither actually. All I remember is a flash of bright light and suddenly there I was, knelt before Fonthaunt sat on a big throne made out of Fiverr logos. She gave me a choice of taking one of two pills and what you see is the result of me choosing the blue one.

I hope I haven’t said too much…

Oh, the “blue pill” did that to you? You were supposed to take it lying down. Now you’re one of the MOD Squad instead of becoming the MOD Stud.

Well, you can’t get your money back now. I told you, bribery is non-refundable.

As long as you don’t talk about the caterpillar, you’re ok. Don’t tell them anything else! I’ve got to get in my telephone box and go take care of some crime in Gotham.

(How’s THAT for a mess of mixed references?)

On a serious note - I think I can speak at least a little bit for the forum team in saying that the whole community of supportive forum readers and writers is what makes this forum awesome. Mods/Admins just do a little cleanup work and we’ve tricked Cy and Eoin into helping. It’s everyone who chooses to come visit, read, chat, offer tips, report broken rules, start fun conversations, help newbies, etc. that make the Fiverr forum something special.

The Ranting Pot is good when you need the occasional vent and most sellers use it for that when they need it but then jump back in to make Fiverr a better place. Sure, there are a few pessimists who’ve become jaded or negative, but for the most part our community is made up of wonderful and helpful people from all over the world! We all know that Fiverr has it’s flaws whether it’s a misunderstood CS ticket or a “feature” that wouldn’t have been our favorite choice. Most forum readers understand that the members of the forum team are in the same boat but are on Fiverr by choice because it still gives back to us financially and in the forum of many friends.

The forum is a place where we can all speak out and ask for what we want from Fiverr, complain about what we don’t want, and do it together instead of letting our differences divide us. I want to offer a BIG THANK YOU to the positive members of the community!