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Congratulations to Everyone in Fiverr!

I just wanted to give a great big round of applause for all the Fiverr Sellers. I had originally joined to pay it forward with a system that has worked for myself over the last 25 years, now today I am finally exhausted. My original plan was to do this simply and effortlessly and if I was to log the hours that would not be the case. I am very impressed at how much I have learned and gained a full sense of gratitude and appreciation for all everyone does in a day to keep it running! Not to mention to “think smart” and know when you are being shafted (I had one of those today) glad to say I was onto the scam!

I have learned so much over the last 2 weeks and again I have gained such an appreciation for all everyone does in a day to keep things moving! :clap: I have a whiteboard presentation, now a website, working with the all the gigs I have purchased to make this work has been a wonderful experience. Hopefully the Boomerang will be in effect.

Again I just really wanted to reach out and say thank-you for all that you do! And may we all share in the Rewards and Gigs that are available to all!

Create a great day! :rose:


You are a very lovely person for dropping a big positivity bomb like that! I really hope that your new website and business venture is an amazing success. Just remember that it can take months to start seeing results when trying to establish a new website. In this case, stick with it and don’t get disheartened if even after 6-months you still have some way to go.