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Congratulations to Leicester City!

The new Champions of the English Premier League. Who would have thought? They had odds of 5000 to 1 at the start of the season. Great victory for all the underdogs of the world, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be great. Hold on to your dreams, reach out for the stars!


Of course, what else LOL

LOL: Crickets maybe. Who knows. You know I don´t know about them sports :stuck_out_tongue:

Is crickets a sport? I thought he meant a croquet tournament. It’s the only sport I know of.

Chelsea stopping Spurs was the highlight of my season - as a Chelsea supporter…

from another Cheslea supporter. Half of the spurs team should have been sent off last night

LOL, I meant cricket with no ˝S˝. Crickets are edible insects :slight_smile:

I’m actually glad they weren’t though, it was nice to see all their devastated faces at the end :slight_smile: