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Congratulations Wayne, You're a Fiverr Super Seller!


This month, our Fiverr Super Seller is our very own OzzieUK. We were inspired by his Fiverr story, and we hope you are, too. He’s a great example of growing a global business from a small town.

Read his story here.


Congo Maaaaan!!


Thanks ! Really am made up to be one of this small group ! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! As a new seller your story makes me feel like it is possible to carve out a good living in a short amount of time. Kudos for overcoming adversity and persevering. :slight_smile:


Reply to @contentcharity: Of course work very very hard and you can achieve anything here you wish. Good luck !




Great… Congrats man =D>


Congratulations! =D>




congratulation brother …! Keep going on …!


Well done ozzieuk =D> You have always been an inspiration to me, but now, skiuz me Sir OzzieUK () ()


Congratulations Wayne!

I’m still thankful for your positive review back when I was just starting :slight_smile: here on Fiverr. Thanks again sir! more power to you!


Reply to @artportraits: Was a pleasure working with you back then, and thank you ! Means a lot :slight_smile:


Congratulations to you bro,


Hey Wayne, ^:)^ Congrats for sure! Glad to hear all the hard work is paying off and good things are happening. Any other tips for us Fiverr newbies (when it comes to selling)? Thanks! $-)


Nice! I just watched one of your voice-over vids the other day. I was thinking what a great voice you’ve got. :smiley:

Congrats to you. We are all inspired and motivated to do better!


Just checking in on this thread, All of your comment and messages of appreciation are well appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks guys :slight_smile:



Congratulations Wayne!


Congratulations! I personally feel identified and will do my best to be on Fiverr’s super sellers list soon!


Congratulations! I joined just 11 days ago and your story is a true inspiration and I can all owe it FiveRR…loving this site!