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Congratulations! You've just saved your 5 bucks

Here is the funny story.
A couple of days ago I offered my quote to a buyer request. The job was making a digital drawing from a pencil sketch. It was a pretty easy job for me so I offered $10. The buyer responded the next day and wanted to place order. He requested me to send him another custom offer for $5 and said that he would tip $5. I agreed (though I never count on tip or ask any buyer for tip) and sent him revised offer, he placed order. Yesterday I delivered the finished work. after seeing he had no comment on the design, He just asked for an extra version (black/white). I delivered that too. Then he marked the order as complete and gave me a negative review.

And I’ve had the opportunity to get the taste of a negative review for the first time in my entire life.

Moral of the story:
Keep away from the buyer who negotiates tip before placing order.



Oh my!

I once had an ebook cover designer that delivered good work, but because of misunderstanding, she delivered incorrect design. I felt that it was my fault since her gig description was quite clear and I misread it. I asked her if she would revise it and I give her a tip at the end to make up for it.

I gave her 200% tip - the 1st 100% for cost, 2nd 100% for an actual tip + 5 star review.

I was new back then and didn’t realize scam buyers were using that tactic to get free work. She probably thought I was yanking her chain until I actually followed through. Now that I think about it, she was probably surprised that I did what I promised. :grin::grin::grin:


I’m not so old here and I didn’t work with so many buyers. But all of my buyers are so good, so helpful. I never charge them for any extra service even after the order is complete. Now I’m shocked. I never thought that this kind of people really exist here.


When ever some one give me the offer of tip… I just say that i get tips only on good work and i also don’t do partial orders LOL :wink:

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This was before custom extras were available so it was pretty reasonable at that point.

If they are doing this at the start, just say no. Alternatively, before you say no, go to your local supermarket and record what happens when you try to do the same thing there. Then share it with your buyer and finally, explain that the supermarket said that your request was completely ridiculous and not something they would ever agree to.

Note: Don’t really do that.


I think that has happened to me, I am not sure. Anyway in fiverr it goes like “Once bitten, always shy”


Brilliant idea! I wish I could do that.

I always end the conversation and recommend looking for another seller as soon as somebody tries to negotiate the price. It’s always a forecast for disaster.


May I edit your moral of the story slightly “Keep away from the buyer who negotiates”. Period, run like hell.


Maybe with a variation he should?
It reminds me of when I first started playing music on the road. Club owners would haggle you with the old, “Listen kid, have your band come and do this three hour gig for free because you’ll get great exposure…”

My answer (which I got from the old timers) was always the same, “I absolutely will…then the next night you can provide free drinks, food and staff for my party. No worries, it will be great exposure.”

25 years later - not a single taker.