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Cons and Scammers

My very first experience with Fiverr and it seems I have been scammed out of my money and no services rendered. I didn’t read the forum messages on cons until after I realized what has happened to me. I have reported several time to
customer support but seems as if they can’t contact the seller. So guess I am just SOL and out of 354.00 bucks. This really sucks as I am sure no one has money to just burn ************.

The seller is still on Fiverr so CS probably meant for you to work with the seller on getting a refund. The seller also has a stock photo of a girl that is a model from the USA and the profile says Nigeria, so that’s a tip-off.

If the seller didn’t deliver anything, you didn’t have to complete the order and review. That’s what has nailed you so far. If you haven’t been rude to CS or submitted more than one ticket, you can still get your funds. You need to take screen shots of the delivery showing that no corrected file was sent. Send that to CS with a polite explanation. If she really delivered nothing and you can show them, CS can refund you. If she did deliver something and you left her a review, especially a good one on the first time, then CS will back her up.

How am I suppose to know which sellers are legit by looking at their profile pictures? I asked the seller many questions before going ahead with the order. I am new to Fiverr and when I was asked to approve for additional time, that’s what I did because the seller asked for more time to complete my order and have a quality job completed. Once i received my order I was not happy. I have contacted CS and I am very disappointed with my experience. I just thought that Fiverr would screen the sellers better. I am in no way talking about all sellers, just me one experience. I just want a mutual resolution because i cannot go back and forth with the seller trying to make it look like I am in the wrong. Seems as if the seller knew exactly what she was doing for me to fall play to this. I took a chance on something new, so part of it is my fault. I don’t like losing money just because. Thanks for letting me know how this works.

Sorry for your experience. If you have been scammed, I’m surprised CS didn’t help you. I wouldn’t give up and ask CS again whey they won’t help you…

Did you read the TOS and FAQ first, that tends to help? Also it pays to do some research on a seller before you purchase anything from them, check their seller level status, read their reviews, Google their username, etc. If worse comes to worst then you can also get a charge back from PayPal. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why for a first purchase on Fiverr you would spend $354. This amount of money implies that you have made a very large order for lots of individual pieces of work or a single large project such as new website design. In either case, most people would make a smaller order first to test the competency of someone they might be thinking about working with further.

More importantly, you have said that your seller did deliver your work but that you were unhappy. In this case, you were not scammed, your work was delivered. Also, if your seller is unwilling to offer a refund, they obviously feel that you have received exactly what you paid for. In this case, perhaps you could elaborate further in regard to what you ordered, what you received and why you aren’t happy with your delivery?

The seller is certainly at fault for the most part but I just want you to see some ways to get better options when you get your refund. The profile pic alone isn’t all of it, some people fake it well.

When it comes to online purchases, though, so much is common sense. For example, since each seller here is an independent, not Fiverr staff, even with screening some will get through the net. So, with a seller you haven’t tried, start with a small order even if it’s not what you need. A $5-15 order can teach you a LOT before you risk hundreds.

As mentioned, I also don’t think you’ve lost your money. If you can prove your case and are polite and professional, CS can help. If that doesn’t work, other replies have other suggestions.

Yeah, at this point Paypal is the only way they’ll get their money back.

You mentioned that the work was delivered but it was not as good as you expected. I understand that you wanted your dream website. You might have compared your website some other websites that are well established. Maybe that’s the reason why you didn’t like the web design.

Now, these “other” websites are built by Web Design firms that charge more than $5,000 for a simple website. So, comparing a $354 project with a ~$5000 project is not fair at all.

Now, you also mentioned that the customer support team didn’t help you with the refund. Well, to be frank, CS only helps if they discover that the claims made by you are genuine.

I hope this helps.

Thank you, seller is not responding to CS or myself.

I put a reply below on my order and why I was unhappy. I can only blame myself. I did not do my research.

I replied but I don’t see it posted. It was not a web design order. It was a manuscript uploaded to the seller for ghostwriting, formatting, revision, cover design and illustrations. What I received back was a manuscript formatted only with some pictures that look like they came out of a coloring book. I questioned the seller several times about the job and was assured I would receive everything requested and how much experience they had and I would get quality work. This was my disappointment.
I blame myself partially for jumping in both feet.
I will put in a ticket with Paypal. CS and I have tried many times to contact seller and no response.

Thank you all for your thoughts and advice, lesson learned

Oh and yes, at first I wanted a full refund no compromising and then later asked for a partial refund to pay for the sellers time and effort. Still no response.

Partial refunds are not possible on Fiverr.

I don’t recommend encouraging users to pursue PayPal charge backs. This is against Fiverr’s rules, and will result in severe/negative action from Fiverr.

Don’t encourage users to pursue action that Fiverr disapproves of.

If they’re legitimately getting ripped off and CS can’t do anything (esp if they did this outside of Fiverr!) then they have to go through Pay Pal don’t they?

if you noticed I did say if worse comes to worst :slight_smile:

@r3k0d3d - And as a Fiverr Mod, I have to discourage against users encouraging others to break the rules. :wink:

It is sad. But, you shouldn’t have ordered a gig worth that much money. You should have gone to a Top Rated Seller/Highly reputed level 2 seller.

With that much cash, I am sure many top rated seller would have done the job.

IDIOTIC, and the exact reason to NEVER use fiver… you are a fiverr admin, and just as stupid as they are! - these fraud sellers wont deal with you because they are scammers… get a life idiot!