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Cons of demotion at Fiverr?

Hi, Only due to late response for 2 days, I just lost my response rate from 100 to 80. But now I am again losing my response rate and its 77% right now. I don’t why it is decreasing while I am responding in the mean time. I am level one seller but only because of 77% of response rate, I lose my level one seller.

What are cons or limitations of level one seller guys? would fiverr take my earning?


They will not take your earnings, however you could lose your level. :confused:


Are you responding to yucky spam as well?

Losing lvls you can lose gigs and gigs extras.

New seller 7 gigs
lvl1 10 gigs
lvl2 20 gigs
TRS 30 gigs


As Vickie mentioned, they won’t take your earnings. The only con I came across when I got demoted from level one seller was just getting less amount of buyer requests. (If your sales rely on BR, you need to brainstorm a plan to stay on track!) but that’s pretty much it. And honestly, it didn’t really affect my sales that much at all. I’m still categorized as “new seller” and I get loaded with sales and even way more than I was a level one seller. So it’s not really about the levels as many folks mentioned on the forum.

Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to fix the situation before St.Level’s day. If not, don’t let it over whelm you. Just keep rocking! :balloon:


Thanks but still bad :/:persevere:

No, after 80 percent response rate, fiverr lower it to 77 percent don’t know why. But, yes, I am not getting sales from buyer requests.

Here are two explanations for how to figure your order completion rate.