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Cons of fiverr


A revenue sharing fee of 20% with Fiverr, which is quite big for hosting your services and other sites do it for less. that’s a pretty big fee for them to host your services, other sites do it for less

There are limited withdrawal and payment options, and mostly relies on Paypal along with additional fees.

The hold time on funds is of 14 days hold

The sellers have limited control as the jobs are automatically accepted.

One of the greatest drawback to Fiverr is that their level and rating system is highly automated and can be skewed easily by things which are outside the control of the seller. As the system is automated, no good would come out of complaining to customer service and the seller would need to wait to complete more good orders so that their level can be renewed. Fortunately, the customer service can help you out significantly in regards to buyer scams and erroneous feedback, but can not do much to stop their own automated system of levelling at any moment.

Another complain which sellers always have is of issues with the payment system being too costly in terms of frees or being slow. The site is attempting to offer additional modes of payment, but currently all users have to suffer the 14 day waiting period.


Reply to @elysiumgig: Then you should be more positive in your messages and approach. Your ‘Cons’ are not tips and your complaining is exactly why you aren’t getting any sales. Stay positive and optimistic otherwise you will fail at anything you take on…


Reply to @elysiumgig: Only to place in a different category. I have bad days, but only express my logical rants in the right place, ‘The Ranting Pot’. It makes you feel better sometimes to get it out, just don’t be the cancer of the category :slight_smile:


Reply to @emasonwrites: thanks for your input, please always share your comments on my post frequently if possible.


Reply to @dtongsports: Really? you mentioned fiverr in it? … if i wanted to be like you i will simply say that if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t have read it … but i’m cool with it. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Reply to @dtongsports: wrong!! i was just about to write the pros of fiverr when my battery died! will be posting it soon … i’m trying to be active in the forum to ensure followers and publicity in the long term for my gigs, thats all it is


I don’t want to be harsh, but saying things like “other sites do it for less” or that the waiting period to withdraw our profits is too long is just not factual. Sure, there may be sites that host an ad or a webpage for less, but do they get as much traffic as Fiverr does? Do they offer all the same advantages? That 20% fee isn’t just for letting us place our gigs here. It covers all the marketing (television, social media, and email), that Fiverr does, among a myriad of other things.

I still don’t understand why people are so concerned about having to wait 14-17 days for their funds. At every other job I’ve ever worked (and if you don’t see this as a job, you’re making money, and where money is concerned, it never hurts to be business-minded), that check you receive isn’t for the two weeks of work you just completed, it’s for the two weeks that started four weeks ago. That grace period is there for the seller’s protection.

While it would be great to have an accept/reject system on the seller’s end of an order, because mutual cancellations don’t hurt us anymore, we do have a reasonable way to say “no,” to orders we don’t want to or can’t complete. It’s not ideal, and I’d love a feature that just let me say, “Nah, I don’t wanna do that,” it’s just not feasible at this point.

In general, following the rules, only offering gigs that are well within Fiverr’s TOS (and any other website’s TOS that your gig may affect), and being active about marketing yourself (as well as having a little patience), means you can do alright here.

I do get what you’re saying about limited payment options, however. If PayPal isn’t available in a user’s country, it sounds like the alternatives aren’t always great choices.


Deal with it or close your account. No one forced you to sign up. Looks like you spend most of your time complaining about things but you just started Fiverr this month. If you don’t like the way things operate, go elsewhere. Complaining about Fiverr is a lost cause and really wastes a lot the time you need to get your network built and to get some orders.

Also complaining about things that have been established for years now is just plain ignorance. The terms and conditions are clear and precise. Read em.

You have yet to sell anything but are blasting the forum with negative comments.

Seems like you may not be cut out for this…

By the way, this is miscategorized @Fiverr, it should be under ‘Ranting Pot’ because I didn’t see one single ‘Tip For Sellers’ in all of that complaining…


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