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Consequences for cancelling?

This really sucks! I put these gigs up last year, and then nothing. No orders, 6 months have gone by, things in my life have changed. I suppose I should have thought to pause things…

In any case I have a job to work on a video, and I have invested over 10 hours in it already. As the gig is $10.00 that’s $1.00 and hour, and I am not even finished. It does technically meet my specifications. I am only doing basic video editing. But it is not simple, if that makes any sense. It is not the kind of gig I intended to do. It is far too time intensive.

I do not wish to get a bad reputation or fail my client. But I am already late and I just can’t work on this project anymore. I feel I should be getting paid a lot more than I am. But I set the price, not knowing that a curve ball like this was headed my way. This is why I avoid things like surveys and Amazon Turk. a LOT of work for a handful of beans! To be perfectly honest, me and my time are valuable, and I need to properly value myself. If a guy like Tony Robbins were in my shoes, would he agree to do as I am doing? NO! He wouldn’t even be in my shoes!

In any case… What are the consequences if I request a customer to cancel? I have edited the video editing gig, then paused it. I will be sure to get everything set up right and be in the right place to do the work if I do it again. But I want to weight my options here.

Appreciate the feedback!


Ehh. Being realistic in what you can deliver, giving yourself enough time to work on orders, and pricing your gigs correctly are essential BEFORE receiving any orders.

Ouch. Being late in a delivery is definitely not good and can result in a negative review from the buyer if you do deliver, and will hurt your On-Time Delivery stat. If you run too late, then the buyer can automatically cancel the order and you receive the dreaded

one star review. And since this would be your first review, you would be trying to get yourself out of a deep hole for a long, long time.

I think a cancellation is actually your best bet in the situation you are in, but the buyer might not agree to it and you may wind up in the aforementioned one star situation again.

As for the negative consequences of cancellations, your order completion rate suffers and Fiverr likely will reduce your gig performance and visibility due to failing to deliver what your gig promised.


If I were you, I’d cancel.

Cancelling will impact your completion rate but that goes away.

It depends on how serious you are about your stats (which seems to be the big thing a lot of freelancers here get hung up about) or the quality of the jobs you take on.


Exactly. And you know what is the difference? He would’ve planned in advance and would never put 10$ price even for a potential simple job :wink:
It’s all about planning in advance and creating your workflows. If you didn’t think through how this will work and what it will cost you to deliver any orders (best case and worst case scenarios) then it was doomed to happen sooner or later.

Just cancel the order and move on with better strategy.


Hey everyone! Thank you for your replies. Yes, I screwed up. I was so caught up in trying to make my price competitive I didn’t consider the other factors, which I guess are more important. The trouble is, realistically, I should charge $100 or more for something like this, but would I ever get an order? Likely not.

Looks like I should cancel, and will if I can. I hate that I had to do that. This sucks! But at least I know the kinds of things I have to set up before ever making that gig active again.

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Another option (but it’s probably too late by now) would be to run and pause that gig to edit it when you have enough time to really think things through, but to grit your teeth and power through with that one order, and consider it a starting investment into your Fiverr business, as it wouldn’t leave you with the cancellation effects and on the other hand even might boost your gig and give you the coveted start of “social proof” if you get a great review.

On the other hand, of course, it’s also possible that you’d not get a review, or even a bad one.

Good luck in any case, and when you edit the description part of gigs, make sure to do it offline in the word editor of your choice. You don’t want to come up with a genius description that should sell well and also minimize any potential issues, lose it because of clicking a wrong button, tabbing out for a second, or whatever, then need to attend to other things, and later not remember your genius description :wink:

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Thank you for the advice.

I requested cancellation, and the customer granted it. It shows as mutual in the order details. I have no idea where any feedback might have been left.

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If the buyer cancels or there is a mutual cancellation, the buyer cannot leave feedback. Why? Because they did not follow through with a purchase.



Breath a sigh of relief that the cancellation was mutually agreed upon. It could have gone far, far worse.

You’ll still be negatively impacted performance/visibility-wise for the cancellation, but it’s much preferable than having a one star review as your first and only review. That is a monumental hurdle that most new sellers wouldn’t be able to overcome.

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