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Considering becoming a virtual assistant

Hello. I’ve been trying to sell my first gig since early December. No luck on the gigs I’m currently offering so I have been considering becoming a virtual assistant. The problem is I have no idea what to expect. What’s it like?

I would argue that the virtual assistant market isn’t any easier to compete in. If anything, it’s probably even more saturated than the gigs you’re currently trying to sell.

Generally, it’s a better idea to stick to what you’re good at and improve your marketing strategy rather than switch to what’s popular to hopefully ride the wave to profit.

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Understood. It’s just been so frustrating not getting any orders. I have my Facebook tied to a separate email and i mostly have it for my day job. Not really interested in delving into more social media.

Yeah, it really can be. I’m honestly not much of a social media person either; what orders I’ve gotten have basically been through buyers requests, or people reaching out to me directly.

You could consider making more gigs that are within your area of expertise, perhaps. I don’t even have actual career experience and I’ve made several gigs, so as someone who has a real job you can definitely find something that you’re good at :slight_smile:

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