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Consistency is necessary to be successful

Hey everyone, Hope you guys are doing well. I have joined fiver since 2019. But at that time I don’t know that how I can do work at fiverr. In 2021 after completion of my graduation again I joined fiverr and updated my gigs. Problem which I faced was that I was getting no order even Buyer request was not showing to me. After watching a video at youtube I found that if I change the subcategory into other then buyer request will be available for me also. But that was the time when I started disappointing because most of the request were not as relevant to my work. Those request which were quite relevant, even I don’t get order at those request. May be my offer must not be as attractive as it must have to be. I knew it takes time to be successful freelancer but I wanted to share my experience with you guys. If you have some suggestion then please share them with me.


What area is your gig in?

I make powerPoint Presentation