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Consistency is very important in making fiverr sales


I was introduced into essay and articles writing by a friend who was writing for an online website. I started writing to fill my time and also to earn something small for my upkeep. However, I could not get enough work to earn a decent pay. My writing business also suffered greatly during the great recession. Nothing prevented me from becoming a Top Rated Seller in less than two months of selling on Fiverr and achieving world domination and a 100% positive rating across all his Gigs.

What has helped me so far?

I know how important it is to deliver a consistent customer experience. I deliver the same level of service whether it’s a $5 customer or a $150 customer. The experience is exactly the same.

I also have a consistent delivery process in place, including “reply-ready” documents, which gives buyers the confidence they will get the exact same product from me that they ordered six or seven months ago. It also means I‘m not spending time typing out the same messages over and over again. Today, a lot of my buyers are repeat buyers. Some of them are even running their own businesses, so they really rely on the consistency of my product for what they deliver to their own customers.

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