Consistent Communication


Nothing more annoying than a seller who goes silent when inquiring about the gig you purchased from them. Please keep an open line of communication when someone is putting their trust in you to deliver quality work.


If you didn’t already purchase the gig, maybe this is a good thing. It lets you know their communication skills without having to purchase their gig. The great thing about Fiverr is that there is always someone else willing to fill in the gaps. That’s why us sellers need to be prompt.


I agree with you. Just in case this is helpful, I’ll add some reminders for buyers:

-If you have sent communicate in the message box instead of on the order page, this can be confusing and may not trigger a notice for the seller.

-There are times that glitches on Fiverr cause notifications to fail or messages to disappear. If you communicated on the order page but hear nothing, you may want to try the message page in case something has gone wrong.

-When you communicate with a seller, avoid any words that trigger the red-outline warning and message on the page. Words like PAY, M0NEY, the @ sign, etc. can cause a flag. Fiverr may temporarily pull those messages for review without warning. Avoid the triggers, alter the words like pa*d instead of paid, or put info in attachments. Even if the gig requires them & they are legit, they can slow things down.

-If a gig has completed already or was cancelled, you may need to inbox message the seller instead of using the completed order page to leave messages. Sellers cannot contact buyers directly in some cases & messages placed on completed orders may be hard to find.


That’s why you should consider response rate before placing an order.