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Conspiracy Theory... Fiverr "bugs"

Guys, I was reading through all of the people commenting on the bugs since april 28… so I put on my aluminum hat and started thinking… because of all this COVID-19 thing, there’s a lot of people trying to find an opportunity on Fiverr, right?

What If Fiverr understood this, and made intentional “bugs” so that new sellers get more sales, and this way they engage more with the platform?

I mean, this is probably not the case, because why would Fiverr even think of losing all of its good sellers betting for new ones instead… or would they?

Anyway. I really hope this is solved soon, as I’m starting to get nervous because I haven’t seen a sale for 3-4 days, when normally I would have at least an order a day…

What do you guys think?


I found your gigs on page one of your keywords. It’s not because they aren’t visible that you stopped getting sales.

New sellers do get increased visibility.


That’s pretty clever actually and it may be so! I went from 10-15 messages and 5 orders a day to zero messages and zero orders for two weeks and all of that happened overnight (one of the first days of May) It’s good to also state that April was my best month on the platform so it makes 0 sense why this issue appeared but apparently quite a few sellers are reporting the same thing! Each one of my gigs went from top-3 best-selling to the bottom of the last page overnight and I gotta be honest… It sucks! I really hope that they fix this as investing 150% of your energy to build a good profile with a solid portfolio and make a brand out there to just get it all flushed down the toilet overnight just sucks. And I was just starting to get a really good amount of orders because I had the reviews, I made my gigs look the way I wanted them to look, I was getting decent impressions and my prices were fair and solid. I even took some steps in expanding my business because it was starting to get hard managing all the orders so I bought a drawing monitor for my cousin and I started teaching him what I do so that he can help me but I guess it won’t happen. If your theory is right I hope that they fire the dude who suggested this idea. A lot of sellers who were working hard and building their profiles providing amazing services are not getting any orders now since the beginning of May and their gigs are nowhere to be seen and some of them commented in the Forum that they will start to look for alternatives because having zero control over your gig ranking is discouraging. Imagine doing everything perfect - Solid amount of sells, competitive prices, unique service, professional looking gig with a perfect rating and then losing everything overnight without a real reason with 0 certainty if you’re going to ever get your ranking back after all of the hard work to make everything perfect to stay on the spot that you just lost. It’s pretty crazy.


I am totally agreed with you. After we get many orders we expect in future the same and even more. But suddenly this stupid thing happens and we went to last page. And Fiverr is not taking it seriously, they are a big company but i can see many sellers are not happy with their services. I am wondering if they are getting too many queries on Customer services why they are not hiring new people for this job, they earn like million in a month and they can hire some new people so they can provide services efficiently . I am sorry if it sound rude but i am upset with this Fiverr thing.

It looks to me as if they rolled back or changed drastically the algorithm and how gigs are ranked.

It looks to me like when we had the statistics on gigs they assigned each gig a set number of impressions per month. Now they let the algorithm flow organically

I’m once again making a wild guess.


Fiverr is a business. I can assure you, they are undoubtedly taking their business model VERY seriously. It would be bad business if they weren’t. And, since the search system isn’t broken, they’re doing well upholding their chosen business model.

You do remember that the world is experiencing a pandemic, and millions of workers have lost their jobs, right? Perhaps Fiverr does not have the option of hiring new workers right now – especially when existing/remaining workers are staying home, and not able to work at the office like they once did. Just because you view things one way, doesn’t mean that Fiverr can as well.

Things are what they are. Like any business, you too are going to have to adapt and overcome.

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Interesting. I caught myself noticing a few times through the years that if I had a slower week, 2-4 orders from new people would just appear closer to the end of it in quick succession. And after I’d earn a certain amount of $ in a month orders from new buyers would slow down or just come to a halt.

It wasn’t such a pronounced trend for me to make any definitive conclusions but it definitely got my attention a few times.


Yes and you would be absolutely amazed at how tightly they can control your number of orders and when you get them. I in the early days I was here had that demonstrated a few times. They can turn a gigs orders on and off like turning on a faucet.


Yeah, it’s an uncomfortable thought I struggle with from time to time. Building a strong and reliable base of regular buyers is an absolute must.


I’ve had no jobs just yet. And I’ve tried to search my Gigs on the lists. Maybe it’s just me, but I dont see it :thinking:

@jonbaas are correct sir.

Am new here i have not got any opportunity here

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