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Constanlty being cheated

I love helping others, and find joy in being able to help. When i have assignments that I am bogged down with i occasionally reach out of FIVERR thinking someone has the same set or even better TSA (Talent, skills, and abilities). However, i am constanlty faced with scammers who are cutting and pasting and faking their info, nationality and skills. I do not care where they come from i just want to deal with someone who is ethical, skilled and wants to get paid for work done. I have met a few that have done work and even corrected it without problems and i have given tips. However, in the research and writing dept. the ethics and skills are lacking i have lost time and funds in choosing sellers that are not honest of their TSA, i have a varied many skills from web design, writing, and marketing. Why, is that when you reach out for help it is hard to discern the dishonest sellers, they need to be flagged, i do my research i read at least 10 reviews good and bad on their clients and still get scammed. I would like some advice…I’m very close to going over to another site and paying for higher services…


I’m with you. The future for writers in particular on fiverr looks bleak. Too much competition and such a low quality that people don’t come back for the quality writers. I saw this some time ago and started to move as much as I could away from fiverr to shield my business from the problem. It will only get worse.


The first thing to remember here is that a very significant amount of people on other sites outsource their work to Fiverr.

I write on other sites and had a nightmare client last year who sold writing on the same site. She, however, was obviously not a native English speaker (despite her profile saying otherwise) and couldn’t string a sentence together if her life depended on it.

The system this person was using, involved outsourcing work to lower priced sellers like me, before using an Indian proofreader whom she hadn’t even realized didn’t know how to use grammar.

This buyer then accused me of being incompetent after her proofreader had ‘fixed’ the article and the end result on the end clients website was appalling. - They, however, were based in the Middle East and just assumed it was perfect because they had parted with a lot of money upfront.

From experience on Fiverr, the kind of problems which you are describing usually come about when buyers are looking for $5 prices or don’t themselves have the ability to interpret their end clients brief.

Personally, when buyers like yourself are having consistent problems finding people to work with, I take it as implying that there is something which needs addressing on the buyer side of things.


That, and a number of people who have some kind of agency, be it for translation or else, themselves, as well.

As said again and again here in response to similar posts, if you want good sellers, it´s paramount to spend some time first, to find the good ones, there are enough of them, you just need to find them, and be willing to pay their prices.

But I agree that there are a lot of scammers too, and of course it´s the Ranting Pot here, so…yeah, I feel with you. Better luck and ‘spidey senses’ choosing your next sellers, if here or at that other site.


An idea for writers on Fiverr is to have an optional English test you can carry out to earn a badge, which states that you’re qualified at a certain level of fluency to be able to carry out work for people.

This would separate the native English speakers and those with a high level of literacy from those with little to no real marketable English ability, or no English ability at all. It would also give a chance for writers just starting fresh on Fiverr to get sales, if they can prove that they have professional writing skills or fluent English skills. This kind of badge, or having visible ‘levels’ of English ability, would really help separate high quality gigs from low quality gigs in the writing, translation, and potentially speaking categories.


Although a great idea, I’ve seen this implemented on several other sites, and guess what? Other sites had been created specifically to “help” people pass those tests by cheating and finding the answers to trick those tests - it’s sad to see that, actually… I still think the only way to test this is in real-time, by simply engaging in a polite conversation.

I mean, just imagine how such a real-time test would be conducted:

Buyer: Hi! I’m interested in your services, can you please introduce me to them?
Seller: Hay Ma’am, yes I do too. Feel OK with such? I do like, but still.
Fiverr: Buyer marked this as a FAILED TEST!


I’ve seen it on Freelancer, where you have a similar kind of system to what I described, but I think because of the difference in the way Freelancer operates, and the way the whole system is presented, the tests also play a less significant part. There’s so many badges and tests to pass on Freelancer, but a simple writing badge on Fiverr would only be one additional badge on top of the levels badges we have. It would stand out a lot more than the tests on Freelancer and instantly influence whether buyers choose the gig or not.

I wasn’t suggesting anything as a flawless solution, but I think it would still reduce the issue


That’s a great idea. They do that on Upwork.


@moderators How would I get that suggestion through to Fiverr staff?

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Via CS + via the “Fiverr suggestions” forum category :wink:


Does the Fiverr suggestions category directly feed through to staff for review?


[details=Suggestion Category OT]Well, Site Suggestions and Bugs are the 2 catgories staff is said to monitor, but Mods have said several times that while it´s good to post relevant things in there, it´s always advisable to send a ticket to CS as well,so the ‘+’ in Woofy’s reply seems just right.
What I can say from experience is that for one of my bug category posts about a forum bug I´d been told a link to it had been sent to staff/CS to remind them that it´s still not fixed. (It got fixed. And Suggestions is a different beast than Bugs, of course, but either way.)[/details]

Sorry, you had to go through that but I’ll tell you what I tell every other buyer, Talk To the Seller and see Actual Samples before Ordering!

As a content writer myself, this is very concerning for me. When the ban hammer comes down, it comes down hard which has had me worried for quite a while.

The next time you make an order with anyone talk it out for a while, have them explain what the job entails to make sure they actually get it and always see samples along with proof.

Please don’t order any academic work.

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If you have had such a hard time finding honest good sellers, try using the feature where you only see Top Rated Sellers.

This is not a guarantee but it’s not easy to get that rating so they have to be fairly honest and offer a good service to get that. And read the reviews.

The only way people can find my gigs generally is to click on top rated sellers, then click on reviews on the top right of the page.

@miiila true! while bugs are sent for being fixed, suggestions are sent as a note to the “product manager”, which may mean something or may not mean anything at all… maybe they send them to thin air haha!

@misscrystal what if they choose the TRS filtering option, and stumble upon a dummy test TRS gig? I’d be curious what the outcome of that could be :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a big risk they will have to decide if they want to take!

There’s no way to get rid of bad sellers, but if you’re a buyer and don’t want to waste your money on a large project, then you’ve absolutely got to commit to the process of conducting multi-stage interviews. Post a buyer-request, and include a key word in an attached PDF that the seller has to use in their response. If they don’t use the magic word, then you know they didn’t read the attached instructions. From there, buy a $5 test gig and ask the seller to complete a very small sample of the total work. Of all the sellers who can do that, they make the final cut and it’s from them that you decide who gets the whole project. Getting work done on Fiverr isn’t a matter of point-and-click (although they’d surely like you to believe it.)

As for dealing with problem clients, I’m only glad that it doesn’t happen to me. Problem clients tend to go away before they get as far as placing an order because my gig description, business policies, and mandatory instructions to the buyer make it pretty clear that I don’t suffer idiots. Maybe something similar would work for you?



"If only there were a cheap, easily accessible, readily available, and widely respected method to provide an accurate and unbiased assessment of English language fluency…"

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Of course, but I’m talking in relation to Fiverr - a new badge you could acquire for successfully attaining a certain level of fluency which stands as proof of your ability on seller’s writing gigs