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Constant battle trying to keep my head, or stats in this case, above water

I live in constant fear of going below 4.8, I dont want to, but I have to since this is my full time job. I dont really worry about the other stats as I think I do a great job of keeping them no lower that 98% and right now they are all at 100%. But I have a big issue with the ratings, it is constantly fluctuating, one bad review can move it from 4.9 to 4.8 etc. Right now it is at 4.8, I just got a bad review and I also got one yesterday.

I think it is something that is hard to control since a client can write, “I loved the article” and leave a 3 star rating. They can also leave a 2 star rating because in their opinion my writing style is not suitable for blog posts. I dont know, I try hard to please my clients but there is no way to ensure that you constantly get 5 stars especially when you do a lot of projects and work with buyers from all walks of life. I have no issue with working hard but I feel like I am walking on broken glass trying to keep my level.

Maybe my issue is that I have stopped allowing cancellations and so have started getting a larger volume of bad reviews because the client wanted a cancellation for one reason or another.

Hi Lastay!

As A writer myself, I completely understand. Not everyone is happy with the results. And I am trying to have this as a full time job as well, but the latest Fiverr changes with the algorithms basically remove top-selling gigs from the search. Which is very bad as well.

So, I find it very hard to make a living here, even as a top rated seller, as there will always be people that say the content is ok and give you 3-4 stars. Plus, some people do that by mistake as you said and don’t bother to reply to any message afterwards. But there’s nothing we can do as sellers. All we can do is to continue working and hope that more work comes our way.

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